Stadia Working on Uplay+ Support, Adding Final Touches to In-app Messaging

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Google Stadia has been adding new features all the time. Previously we have seen the service bring on screen touch controls, Android TV support, and more. Today, a new APK teardown shows that the app is working on adding UPlay+ support as well as adding the final touches on messaging. We have previously also seen Google working on bringing messages to the Stadia app on Android, and this new report builds on that.

The APK teardown was conducted by the folks over at 9to5Google and they found evidence of even more progress in the development of messaging within Stadia. The following strings have been found within the app’s code:


Title on the onboarding screen that welcomes the user to the feature.
Welcome to Stadia messaging
Title on the onboarding screen that says the feature is now available
Messaging on Stadia now available

There are also other strings related to more messaging features. Users will likely be able to control who can (or can’t) message them. Along with that there are strings for other explanations and descriptions related to messaging.

Description explaining that messaging needs to be configured on the mobile app or website before using.
To enable chat, you’ll need to visit settings or the Messages tab in the social menu from the mobile app or to set a few things up.
Description explaining the Messaging privacy setting
Choose who can message you. You can change this again later in your privacy settings.
Title on the onboarding screen that allows users to set who can message them.
Messaging privacy
Description explaining the privacy impact of message scanning for anti-abuse measures.
With respect to your privacy, be aware that Stadia will temporarily store and process messages sent in order to identify potential abuse and to offer optional tools such as toxic language filters.

The report further mentions that Stadia will also allow you to send messages to larger groups. That’s definitely going to prove useful for anyone who has a lot of friends on Stadia.


9to5Google also spotted a string that hints towards the addition of UPlay+ into Stadia. In case you’re unaware, UPlay+ is a subscription service that offers you access to all Ubisoft games without any additional charges. Bringing this over to Stadia will prove useful for players who like Ubisoft titles, allowing them to play those games without having to individually purchase them.

Other Features and Changes

Apart from all that, the teardown reveals that Google is working on a new invite system for Stadia. The new system is more personalised, and people you invite will be able to add you as a friend instantly.

Description on the social invites page about inviting friends to Stadia.
Anyone who gets your invite can see your Stadia Name, and friends who join with your invitation can send you a friend request to start playing with you right away.
Remember, friends don’t need a Stadia Controller to get started.

It also seems that Stadia is working on implementing streaming games on YouTube. The teardown reveals that the developers are working on adding restricted scene recording to Stadia.

This feature will automatically black out your screen or screen capture whenever you enter a restricted scene within a game. It’s handy because it aims to prevent spoilers from getting streamed accidentally.

SOURCE 9to5Google
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