Stadia Gets Notification Support for Friend Request, New Games, and More

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Google’s cloud game streaming service Stadia has been receiving a slew of updates quite frequently to bring its Android and iOS apps up to speed. After adding support for game streaming over mobile data, wireless controllers, and more, the official Stadia app has now brought in support for notifications as well.

The update automatically enables notifications for a couple of things within Stadia, such as new friend requests, or invites to join games with your friends. However, you can obviously turn any of those off if you like. Moreover, there’s another category of notifications within the app for Stadia Pro games. So, if you’re a Pro member, you can get notifications when new Stadia Pro games are available for you to claim on your account. That sounds like a neat idea for someone like me who often forgets to check such things.

Stadia Gets Notification Support for Friend Request, New Games, and More
Image: 9to5Google

Also, as reported by 9to5Google, and originally spotted by GemStadia, within the app’s notification settings is a currently unused category of ‘Messaging’. This could be related to the messaging features in Stadia that have been spotted in APK teardowns in the past, and will probably be enabled once those chat features within the Stadia app go live.

The new notification features are available on Stadia v2.9 so make sure you have update your Stadia app in case you can’t find the new notification settings.

SOURCE 9to5Google
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