Spotify Adds More Parental Controls to Its Kids App

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Popular music streaming platform Spotify has today added two new features to its ‘Spotify Kids‘ app in order to bring more control into parents’ hands. Starting today, parents can access their kids’ listening history, and control what content they are allowed to consume on the platform.

The new features are available in the app’s “Grown Ups” section, where parents will be able to view a complete streaming history for the last three months. They will also be able to block content with just a tap. The restrictions are set on a per-account basis, so blocked content doesn’t affect other children in the family: this can be useful for families with multiple kids in different age groups.

Spotify launched the ‘Spotify Kids’ app in October last year with a library of 6,000 songs, audiobooks, and sounds that were curated into playlists. The company has since increased the kids friendly library of content on its app to 8,000 pieces of sounds, audiobooks, and stories that are now curated in a 125 different playlists. The company is also expanding the availability of Spotify Kids, and is launching it in Japan and Germany today as well. With that, the kids-focused app is now available in 14 countries around the world.

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