This Software Lets Disabled Gamers Play Minecraft with Their Eyes

Eyemine v2 lets you play minecraft with eyes

Through various means of technological innovations, we have seen organizations and even companies like Microsoft make gaming easier for the disabled community. Well now, a UK-based charity organization has created a software application that allows gamers to play Minecraft with their eyes. And the best part, it is free for all.

The nonprofit organization from the UK, Special Effect, developed the free application dubbed “EyeMine” to help disabled gamers play the super-popular open-world game, Minecraft, just with their eye gaze. You can check out an official video below to get an idea of how it actually works.

The organization develops software and hardware products that help disabled gamers play their favorite titles in whatever way they can. Previously, they developed mouth and voice-controlled games, a one-handed controller, and other such products by working directly with the disabled community.

EyeMine V2: Play Minecraft with Eyes!

Recently, the organization invited Becky aka EyeGazeGirl on Twitter, who is physically disabled but a gamer at heart, to test the application that has been improved by the developers to make it more efficient in what it does. As a result, the EyeMine V2 allows better weapon handling, more accurate building, better climbing control, and adjustable moving speeds. These improvements let players build their world in the Minecraft universe more easily and faster than ever.

Now, although the software is completely free to use, it is only supported in Windows-based PCs as of now. It requires the gamer to have an existing Minecraft account and also possess eye-tracking equipment. However, the good news is that the application works with a number of pocket-friendly eye trackers that you can easily purchase from the market.

So, if you want to try out EyeMine V2 or help local disabled gamers to play Minecraft with their eyes, you can download it from the organization’s Github page.

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