Snapchat Launches Spotlight, a TikTok-like Feed That Pays $1 Million a Day for Viral Videos

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Snapchat has launched Spotlight, a new content feed to showcase user-generated short-form videos. Spotlight’s interface is similar to TikTok and the feature exists within the primary Snapchat app. Spotlight will show you the most engaging Snaps you might be interested to check out.

Snaps you see on Spotlight can be from Snapchat users with personal accounts or Snap Star influencers with a huge fan following. The company says Spotlight will be a place where anyone’s content gets attention without requiring a lot of followers or a fanbase.

To attract creators, the company is offering the opportunity to earn a share of over $1 million every day through the end of 2020. Snapchat estimates the reward based on the number of unique video views in a day with respect to other trending Snaps on the same day.

Creators must be 16 or older and should adhere to Snapchat’s content guidelines to earn rewards. For instance, the company says that Snaps should be vertical videos with sound. Moreover, creators should add a #topic on the ‘Send To’ page to help others join the trend or explore similar Snaps.

Snapchat Launches Spotlight, a TikTok-like Feed That Pays $1 Million a Day for Viral Videos
Image: Snapchat

Each Snap submission for Spotlight can be up to 60 seconds long. Snapchat recommends using creative tools like captions, sounds, lenses, or GIFs to make your Snaps stand out from the crowd. You can make submissions from your Camera Roll or Memories, but the company says it may limit the number of submissions during a particular timeframe.

Snapchat’s Spotlight differs from other short-form platforms in the way it handles viewers’ comments. Unlike other platforms, Spotlight doesn’t have a public comments section. In addition, submissions from private accounts will not reveal the name or username of the creator.

Spotlight is currently available in a total of 11 countries namely the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France. The company has plans to expand its availability to more regions in the future.

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