10 Best Sites Like Coursera For Online Learning

Coursera is one of the top online learning platforms for students. Anyone can signup and enroll in different courses for free and earn a completion certificate upon the completion of their specific role. However, there are some subjects that may not be available on Coursera but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn those online. You can always learn anything you want on different Coursera alternatives that we have provided in this article. Below are the 10 best sites like Coursera where you can get quality online education in 2024.

1. edX

Let’s start off with edX because it’s linked with the most prestigious schools and universities which include but are not limited to Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Australian National University, and many more from all around the world. edX lets you choose and enroll in courses that are offered by different prestigious schools and universities from around the world.

edX website interface

You can take part in these courses for free and if you are interested in earning a verified certificate from the service then you will have to fork out a small contribution which will automatically make you eligible for a verified certificate for the particular course. You are still supposed to complete the entire course and get passing grades to receive the certificate.

edX provides courses in hundreds of different fields from Music to Medicine, you can choose and learn anything. You can also choose different languages which come in handy when you want to study the courses in your native language on this Coursera like website.

Accredited certificatesOnly for professional courses
Free to use mostly
Courses offered by excellent professors

Price: Free, Professional course prices vary

Visit edX

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy started off as a small YouTube channel with a couple of videos that the creator “Salman Khan” uploaded to teach his cousins some basic maths. However, it quickly grew into a complete mathematical course that covered almost every aspect of math for students. The site has now grown into something even bigger and it offers different educational videos on a wide variety of subjects.

Khan Academy Interface

The site has gone through a completely new redesign and it has become one of the best learning platforms for students. The courses are entirely free and there are no fees or subscriptions since it is a non-profit organization. You can learn anything you want, anytime you want because the courses are flexible and you can complete them at any time because there are no set time frames like other learning platforms.

Completely freeNot for professionals
Best for school going students to do a quick revision
Straightforward, no beating around the bush UI

Price: Free

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3. Udemy

Udemy is another great Coursera alternative, however, most of the top courses on Udemy are paid which means that you have to pay a fee in order to enroll in the course and start your learning journey. The cost starts as low as $20 for many courses and goes up to $100 and even more for some of the courses.

Udemy Courses

You earn a verified certificate for the courses as well. There are many free courses as well that you can enroll in and start learning your favorite subject. There are over 32,000 courses available on the site from different categories so you can learn anything whenever you feel like it. The courses are divided into different parts, like video lectures, reading material, texts, assignments, and quizzes as if you were in a real-life class.

Top notch UINon-accredited certificates
Massive library offering courses from A to ZNo actual way to confirm course credibility
AffordableJust a few free courses

Price: Free courses are available, Individual courses start at $14.99 (lifetime), Team plans start at $360/year

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4. Pluralsight

If you are looking for premium sites like Coursera to learn a variety of courses from the best possible instructors, I would suggest Pluralsight. Pluralsight is quite a hit amongst both enthusiastic learners who want to learn something and advanced professionals who are looking to further hone their skills.

Pluralsight Interface

If you are second-guessing Pluralsight in terms of quality, I assure you that is not the case. It offers a better quality of courses than most of the other platforms on our list. Maybe, that is exactly why it costs a lot more to get your hands on the premium version. Is it worth it? That’s debatable. But, thanks to the free trial, you can see for yourself if what you are looking for is worth the hefty premium fee.

Great for professionalsDoes not offer a wide variety of subjects
Offers hands-on experience
Accredited partner of PeopleCert

Price: Individual plans start at $29/month, Team plans start at $33.25/month

Visit Pluralsight

5. Udacity

Udacity combines free and paid learning in a much simple and easy-to-understand way. If you are serious about learning something online but really don’t care about a verification certificate then you can use Udacity for free and get all the course materials for free which includes all the course videos and exercises. However, if you really want to get access to more features like an assessment of your work, help from instructors, a verified completion certificate, etc then you will have to pay a monthly fee of $199.

Udacity Interface

Paying the monthly subscription fees gives you access to all the courses and a premium treatment. If you’re not sure about the fees then you can always start the 14-day trial on the site and see if it’s actually suitable for you or not before paying the hefty amount. Udacity has a large collection of courses for people who are interested in technology and computers. It is undoubtedly one of the best sites like Coursera that you can use in 2024.

One of the best for learning coding and cloud computingCourses are expensive
Super high-quality coursesOne-track catalogue of courses

Price: Courses start at $399/month

Visit Udacity

6. Codecademy

If you want to code then you better enroll at Codecademy because as the name suggests, this site’s main focus is on coding and programming. If there’s anything that requires programming then you will be able to learn it at Codecademy. The site uses interactive coding sessions instead of video lectures, so you don’t have to watch long boring videos of other people coding while you try hard to keep up with them.

Codeacademy Interface

Codecademy will provide you with interactive problems and ask you to code your way to the solution. You will be given useful hints and tips along the way to help you with your coding skills and this way you will pick up any coding language within the least amount of time possible.

Free for the most partStrictly for data science and software engineering courses
Very easy to use
Hands-on learning experience

Price: Free, Individual plans start at $17.49, Pro Student costs you 50% less (subscription renews annually), Team plans start at $299 per year (per user)

Visit Codeacademy

7. LinkedIn Learning

If you don’t mind paying a very small fee for your education then LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda, is the perfect place for you because they have many different subscription plans that let you access a wide variety of course materials on different topics that include Photoshop classes, CAD classes, and much more.

LinkedIn Learning Course

You can get a 1-month free trial on this Coursera alternative and see if it’s suitable for you after that you can choose any of the 4 different learning plans. Premium will get unlimited access to all the and new courses and video lectures on the site. Additionally, you will be able to download the video lectures for later offline viewing and you will also get access to course-specific project files giving you a better learning experience.

Wide libraryLynda had a better UI
Great for creating a strong baseNot accredited
Video lessons come with transcripts Slightly expensive

Price: 1-month free trial, Individual plans start at $39.99/month, Team plans start at $379.99/year (per license)

Visit LinkedIn Learning

8. Duolingo

The best way to learn a completely new language is to play games with it. That’s not a joke instead that the whole model of operations for the new language teaching service known as Duolingo. If you want to learn languages that include but not limited to English, German, Italian, Turkish, French, Spanish, etc then Duolingo is the perfect service for you because it gamifies the learning experience.

Learning Spanish on Duolingo

You will be provided with interactive language-based games that you have to play and complete, these mini-games will include quizzes, name that item, make a word, etc and each game will enhance your understanding of the language that you’re learning. You will get scores and advance in levels as if you were playing a game on your device.

Can be used as a completely free toolStrictly for learning new languages
Best language-learning tool that there is
Interactive learning at its best

Price: Free, Duolingo Super Individual plans start at $12.99/month, Duolingo Super Family plan costs $119.99/year (Duolingo also offers a 14-day free trial for its premium plans)

Visit Duolingo

9. SkillShare

Most of the Coursera alternatives that we have mentioned on this list are quite popular. However, if there is one that you have not heard of much, that would be SkillShare. This underrated platform deserves way more recognition. There are n number of reasons for saying this. Firstly, SkillShare is cheap, unlike most of the platforms on this list. The annual membership will cost you just $168, which converts to roughly around $14 per month.

SkillShare Interface

You can also try it for free for a week and see if their catalog suits your needs. If so, you can choose to continue with the membership. If not, just cancel the free trial right before it ends. You know the drill. There are thousands of classes covering a wide variety of subjects that you can make use of and learn something new every single day. Definitely, one of the best sites like Coursera to try out right now.

AffordableNo accreditation
Simple and easy to use interfaceNo certificates either

Price: Free 30-day trial, $165/year

Visit Skillshare

10. YouTube

Yes, we know you’re thinking that YouTube is only used to watch cute kitten videos and gameplays but that’s not all. Even the above-mentioned Khan Academy utilizes YouTube to deliver its videos which makes the Khan Academy a YouTube channel. There are many different channels on YouTube that will teach you a lot of new things from simple DIY stuff to some serious science-related education, you will get it all.

Learning from YouTube Channels

Just search for your favorite subject and you will get plenty of videos that will teach you each and everything regarding your favorite subject. Here are a couple of educational channels should you choose to use YouTube for education. TheNewBoston, Codecourse, W.P. Carey, and SciShow. So, if you are looking to learn something new, from an instrument to a language or pretty much anything else, you won’t have to look for different websites to learn something new. YouTube can be your one-stop destination and it can be very well used as a Coursera alternative.

100% freeConsumes a whole lot of internet data
Infinite sources to learn fromInformation or data is not always reliable and authentic
For both professional and casual learners

Price: Free, YouTube Premium starts at $11.99/month (after 1-month free trial)

Visit YouTube

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