Silent Hill the Short Message Drops with a Reveal Trailer

Silent Hill the short message featured
In Short
  • Silent Hill, The Short Message is an upcoming episodic first-person horror game that follows up the franchise.
  • The short trailer shared a depressed student attempting to end her life but transported to another world.
  • There has been no release date shared but the upcoming game will be free to play for all.

As it is year by year, the PlayStation State of Play is here with a slew of brand-new game announcements and trailers. As such, the horror community hasn’t been ignored in the event. Silent Hill fans can finally rejoice as there is a new entry in the series after what seems like a lifetime. Titled Silent Hill, The Short Message, the upcoming horror game is surely something to behold.

Trigger Warning: The plot of the story is mature content, sensitive subjects, and topics related to self-harm. Kindly proceed with caution.

From what we saw in the short trailer, Silent Hill, The Short Message is an episodic adventure and seems to revolve around a depressed student who is apparently suicidal. The unnamed woman jumps off from a building in a desperate attempt, only to be transported to a hellish nightmare.

Silent hill the short message trailer

The clip then shows intense first-person gameplay as the player walks around the horrifically designed yet claustrophobic map, looking for a way out. There is a healthy variety of the Silent Hill horror we have come to know as the game showcases creepy elements like creepy wall design, dark environments, and more. However, the game’s showcase is definitely a malformed presence that is stalking the girl as she moves across.

Silent Hill, The Short Message releases today for PS5. However, it has been confirmed that the full game will be free to play. Furthermore, Silent Hill 2 is in development for the PS5. So, if you were waiting for the original game to drop, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Silent Hill 2 game? Drop them in the comments below!

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