What are Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion (Explained)

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has easily become one of the most anticipated web series of 2023. This TV series includes elements and references unheard of in the MCU. Marking Nick Fury’s return, we are introduced to the S.A.B.E.R battle station, which is also witnessed in the trailer of The Marvels. Other than that, we are also made familiar with Super Skrulls, a character that is not explored much in live-action Marvel movies and has always been limited to comics or animation. With that, the question arises, what are Super Skrulls? Before that, what are Skrulls? So, in this article let’s find out all we need to know about Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion.

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What are Skrulls in Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Skrulls in Marvel Secret Invasion

In the MCU, Skrulls are shapeshifting beings who can copy the identity of any human, including their memories, making them capable of completely replacing human beings. Skrulls are also incredibly strong compared to human beings, and they can be a potential threat to the human race.

Skrulls were first introduced in the Captain Marvel movie, released on 8 March 2019, and were depicted in a positive outlook. They were assisted by Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson) in finding a new home after the destruction of Skrullos, their home planet.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion follow-ups to Nick Fury’s promise of finding the Skrull population a new home and his failure to do so. Fury has been shown to be absent from Earth, spending his time on a space battle station named S.A.B.E.R.

Meanwhile, Skrulls, who were portrayed in a positive light initially, have turned against the human population. They have lived up to the potential threat Fury speculated them to be by forming a militia-like structure in Russia. In the first and second episodes of Secret Invasion, they were seen performing terrorist activities under the identity of Americans of a radical group called Americans Against Russia (AAR). The rogue Skrulls are trying to start the Third World War between America and Russia, creating the possibility of a nuclear war that could wipe out the human population.

What are Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion

Gravik showing Super Skrull powers

In the year 1963, the first-ever appearance of Super Skrulls was marked by The Fantastic Four comic #18. Super Skrulls were basically Skrulls enhanced with superpowers replicating The Fantastic Four in order to defeat them and take over planet Earth.

In Secret Invasion, we get to see Marvel Studios’ live-action take on this concept. We come across a scene in the second episode of the series, where we can see a scientist named Rosa Dalton working on some kind of machine. Later on, when we witness Sonya Falsworth (played by Olivia Colman), interrogating a captured Skrull responsible for a bomb blast in central Moscow.

The captured Skrull tells her that Gravik, the leader of Skrulls, is building a machine that will enhance their capabilities and make them stronger. We also witness Talos’ daughter G’iah investigating a Skrull computer and coming across a database that contains DNA samples from various entities. The creatures include Groot, Frost Beast, Cull Obsidian, etc.

This machine is a direct reference to the creation of the Super Skrulls in comic books. While it’s interesting to witness a live-action take on the creation of Super Skrulls in the MCU, it’s also noteworthy how Marvel has been able to furnish the story in order to mend it according to the current MCU storyline, without losing the essence of the character.

According to Marvel Comics, Super Skrulls were enhanced Skrulls who were granted superpowers by the use of technology. The first Super Skrull was Kl’rt the Super Skrull, who was enhanced technologically to mimic the powers of the Fantastic Four. You can read about Super Skrull powers in our dedicated article linked here.

A group of superheroes called the Immortals went to Skrull Throneworld to warn them to not infiltrate the Earth but were captured by Skulls there. The Immortals were then tortured and all their powers and skills were used by aliens to make their Super Skrull program work even better and ended up creating several of the enhanced Skrulls to attack Earth.

Possible Future of Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion

What are Super Skrulls in Secret Invasion (Explained)

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has been able to hook its audience with everything the series has put forward. The element of suspense, thrill, and humor with a perfect blend of action, has been a treat to witness for the audience and me personally as well.

This brings up another question, after their introduction, what possible role can Super Skrulls play in the wider scheme of the MCU? Well, I have certain guesses about it.

Super Skrulls have played a significant role in the Marvel comics but they haven’t yet been incorporated into Marvel movies to that extent. Introducing Super Skrulls in the MCU can lead to a canon event for the Fantastic Four or even The Immortals, giving the audience a live-action version of these superhero groups officially into the MCU. Remember seeing John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness?

But for now, all we can do is wait and see what Marvel has planned for the audience in the wider scheme of the MCU. Till then, let’s just sit back and enjoy what we have while waiting for more to come.

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