Secret Invasion Finale: Is There A Post Credit or End Credit Scene

Marvel’s Secret Invasion has finally come to an end with its sixth and final episode. The heroism of Nick Fury, a close look into his personal life, the death of Talos, and well, the epic standoff between Gravik and G’iah kept the audience on the edge of their seats for all six episodes. Packed with gripping suspense and action sequences, the makers of the series did, if not an awesome, but a decent job. Marvel fans are now left wondering, if will there be a season 2 or if there a post credit or end credit scene in Secret Invasion. Find out in this article!

Is There a Post Credit Scene in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion Finale: Is There A Post Credit or End Credit Scene

I hate to disappoint you, but Secret Invasion doesn’t have a post-credit or end-credit scene and never had one too. Even after my extensive research, we couldn’t find a scraped or deleted post-credit scene too, or any information about it. Thus, Marvel’s Secret Invasion breaks the trend and doesn’t drop any hints for an upcoming character or movie.

It seems that Secret Invasion was after all meant to be a single-season show with no upcoming sequel to it. But there’s a possibility that we might get to see some relevance of it in the upcoming movie, The Marvels.

Secret Invasion Finale Ending Explained

The ending of Secret Invasion got the audience jumping out of their seats when they witnessed G’iah wielding the powers of some of the most powerful Avengers like Captain Marvel, Hulk, Drax, Matis, etc., but what we should actually think about is how long Rhodey has been replaced by an imposter Skrull? Since he is still not able to walk, it seems like quite a long time.

Other than that we saw Nick Fury accepting Varra in her own skin by kissing her as a Skrull, symbolizing a world that might finally accept Skrulls who are good. In the finale, we also witnessed Fury and Varra going back to the SABER space station together putting in line Fury’s appearance in The Marvels.

We don’t know what might happen next to the Skrulls but with Fury’s disclosure that the Kree are ready to discuss peace with the Skrulls, all we can do is hope that the Skrulls can finally find a home planet for themselves.

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