Samsung ‘Nautilus’ Chromebook Could Bring Native Video Recording to Chrome OS

Samsung-made 'Nautilus' Chromebook Confirmed To Be in The Works

Chrome OS is quickly evolving as not only a powerful webOS but an actual desktop replacement system that can be used as your daily driver. With the launch of the Google Pixelbook, Google brought about new features to its Chrome OS, such as Google Assistant and full compatibility with Android apps. Now, it seems like another new feature might be on the horizon.

As reported by Chrome Unboxed, Samsung’s upcoming Chromebook, codenamed Nautilus, will bring native video recording to the Chrome OS. While users have previously made use of web apps, websites and the webRTC standard to record videos, Chrome OS will soon get the native feature to record at least 1080p footage at 30fps from the onboard camera itself.

This will likely mean third-party app makers will get access to the camera hardware, so we may see Instagram and the likes running natively on Chrome OS. It will also mean improved support for Android apps.

Samsung’s upcoming Nautilus Chromebook will bring the ability to record 1080p @ 30fps natively using the device’s camera.

The ability to record videos using the device’s camera is not a device-specific feature. Instead, the ability will be merged into the Chrome OS with commits being merged into the Chromium repository. As such, there is a possibility that the feature might debut on other Chromebooks as well.

However, we’ve previously talked about the Nautilus Chromebook, and it has been reported that the Chromebook makes use of the Sony 16 MP IMX 258 Camera Sensor. Considering the fact that this is, in fact, a high-end sensor, it may be the first device to sport this feature. This could also mean that it could be the start of new things, with future Chromebooks to feature better webcams.

Even without the native video recording feature, the Samsung Nautilus Chromebook is a great Chromebook all round, from the sound of its rumoured specs. After the huge success of its Chromebook Pro, the company has reportedly decided to go with a different approach to the 2-in-1 design, and the Nautilus is going to be sporting a detachable design. In addition, it will likely sport improved storage and Intel CPUs.

While the device was speculated to be unveiled at CES 2018, the company had other plans to unveil their other SmartHub products. As of now, there is no word on the pricing and release date of the Samsung Nautilus Chromebook.

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