Samsung Launches UV Steriliser with 10W Wireless Charging at ₹3,599

Samsung Launches UV Sterilizer with 10W Wireless Charging at Rs.3,599
Image: Samsung

Samsung has today launched a UV steriliser capable of disinfecting smartphones, TWS earbuds, smartwatches, and more in just 10 minutes. The company made the product available in Thailand, Germany, and other countries earlier this month and has now brought it to India.

Interestingly, Samsung’s UV sterilizer also functions as a 10W wireless charger. The company points out that the device will continue charging all the gadgets even after the sanitization process is complete.

Samsung’s UV sterilizer is manufactured by Samsung C&T –  a partner of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP). As per tests done by certification institutes, Samsung’s UV Sterilizer can eliminate 99% of the bacteria and germs including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans.

You can sterilize smartphones with up to 7-inch displays with this one. It has dual UV lights and hence, the device will sterilize both the top and bottom surface of items at the same time.

According to Samsung, you can operate the sterilizer with a single button. Moreover, users will not have to keep waiting to switch off as the device automatically switches off after 10 minutes of usage.

“In today’s world, personal hygiene is more important than ever, and to help combat the spread of bacteria and germs, we’re introducing a new UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charging. The UV Sterilizer is a perfect and compact device to keep our personal daily belongings germ free, protected and disinfected,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India.

You can buy Samsung’s UV Sterilizer at ₹3,599. The company says that the product will be available early August 2020 across all retail channels including Samsung’s online store.

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