An unknown issue with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is causing the device’s displays to turn white or green, leaving the smartphone without a functioning screen. The issue was first discovered a few months back and is known to affect the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20 – Green Screen of Death

Now, it is not unusual for a smartphone to run into display issues. We have seen many iPhone 12 units, despite having the best-rated displays in the market, suffer from grave screen-related issues last year. However, the current issue in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is practically un-fixable and is affecting a substantial amount of users around the world.

It starts, in almost all cases, by showing unusual scan lines on the display of the devices. Shortly after, the issue starts to spread. It eventually turns the screen white or green in some cases. Some experts and users have also given the issue the moniker of “Green Screen of Death”, clearly referring to Windows’ infamous Blue Screen of Death.

The problem was first spotted back in May 2021, when a guy shared a video showcasing the issue on his Galaxy S20 Ultra on YouTube. You can check out the video right below.

In the video description, the S20 Ultra user says that the issue affected his device without any external physical damage. It is the same in the case of other users who have reported the issue since then.

The Fix?

Coming to solutions, unfortunately, there isn’t any, as of now. A moderator on Samsung’s official forum suggested affected users boot their devices in safe mode and reset them. However, going by the following comments, the fix did not seem to work for many users. As a result, several users with the issue had to replace the entire display of their devices to fix the issue.

Samsung has not officially addressed the said display issue in the Galaxy S20 series yet. However, if the issue persists and starts affecting more users, we hope the Korean giant will address it in the future.

VIAAndroid Police


  1. Same issue here, happened quite fast, updated my phone, and set down to browse and suddenly start showing the white scan light then display turned light green did the reboot, cache clearing, factory reset etc, etc nothing helps, also noticed the area beside camera heats up when that happens……..I guess Samsung needs to check the firmware updates they have released…..

  2. In my case, it all happens very fast. At first, when I was scrolling through my messenger I noticed that something was flickering on the background. Tons of horizontal lines were flickering on the background, very noticeable. Within a few minutes, my whole screen turn white with abit of greenish. Completely unusable, tried forced restart several times, still the same. Went over to my nearest service center, all they say was your warrenty is over and you have to pay for a new LCD replacement. Dissapointed I would say as a Samsung loyal customer.

  3. I started having this exact same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It’s an Exynos variant and 16 months old. There was no external pressure applied on the screen and I never even dropped this phone. Suddenly it’s just started since one morning without any prior symptoms.

  4. Have the same issue with my Galaxy S9. Green tint coming randomly. Sometimes display works well, sometimes you can see this yellow tint. Up to now, no fix, happened after an update. Cannot roll back to old firmware.

  5. Well..this is with all the Samsung phones now…I have Note 8 and getting the same issue from last 1 month. Don’t want to pay for screen replacement as its not my fault, happened after an update.

  6. I too had the issue without any physical damage and got the display replaced for 16k.
    Samsung is claiming it is not their issue.