CES 2020: Samsung’s Ballie Is a Cute and Tiny Robot That Looks After You

samsung ballie tiny companion robot

Samsung’s CES keynote was graced by a very special guest. No, I’m not talking about a celebrity or tech wiz. Instead, the Korean giant brought out on stage a tiny rolling robot dubbed Ballie. This BB8-style robot whizzed onto the stage, greeted everyone, and then showed off its true skill — personal companionship.

Yeah, Ballie isn’t merely a play toy that will follow you and your kids around – keep them company while you’re hard at work. It’s designed to take care of all your personal needs, and help you around the home. Samsung has developed Ballie to take care of you. It has included in this tiny ball-like robot a myriad of sensors (as well as a camera) to detect its surroundings and react pro-actively.


As you can see in the video demo attached above, Ballie will be the first one to wake up early morning in the family and shoulder the task of waking everyone else up. It will be able to open smart curtains, play a soothing alarm, and then also prepare coffee to give you the start your morning needs.

Ballie will also take it upon itself to keep you fit. It can not only turn on the smart TV and robot vacuum but can also call for help if the need arises. It will automatically detect that someone has fallen down and is unable to get up. It will even take care of a pooch and send you photos/videos while you are away.

Samsung has currently only shown off this cute little robot on stage at its keynote, with zero information on Ballie’s price and availability. This is an amazing product and we will attempt to bring you a quick hands-on, playtime session with Ballie from the CES 2020 show floor. So, stay tuned to Beebom’s social media channels for more information.

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