8 Best Star Wars Games on Roblox

Ever since the first 1977 film, the Star Wars series has gone and created an epic saga everyone will remember. Starting from movies, the franchise made its way into TV shows and even the best Star Wars games. While you would think these games are just limited to AAA platforms, that’s not the case. Roblox itself is chock-full of the Star Wars games you can try out to amp up your blocky experience. So stay with me as we count the best of them down together!


Image Courtesy: @FarmerJaller/ Roblox

Based on the old-school Star Wars storyline, Timelines is a fun Roblox role-playing adventure. The game allows users to choose from a variety of timelines, from the old school to the new. Even though the game no longer gets updates, it’s still lots of fun to play through. Timelines is perfect for OG Star Wars lovers, and I am all for it!

2. Stars Wars: Heroes vs Villains

Stars Wars Heroes vs Villains
Image Courtesy: Sheer Cold Creations/ Roblox

Fans of Star Wars Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2 will love this selection on our list. Perfectly mimicking the experience of Heroes vs. Villains, this Star Wars Roblox game retains many of the movie’s original characters along with the game’s HvV game modes.

Furthermore, the developers constantly update the game, which naturally means much more content for us all! The next time you feel like playing a hero, try this Star Wars Roblox game out.

3. Star Wars: Space Battle

Roblox Star Wars Space Battle
Image Courtesy: @DrEgguin/ Roblox

Spaceship battles are a huge part of the Star Wars franchise. So, whether it is from the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War, this element is an important one for a lot of players. In case you want the same experience, this is the one for you.

Star Wars: Space Battle is the right experience for those who want to ride the iconic spaceships from the franchise. The game also gets regular content updates, so you will never feel bored. However, the game is a bit hardware heavy so make sure your gaming rig can handle it.

4. Battle of Geonosis

Roblox Geonosis
Image Courtesy: The Galactic Republic GRW/ Roblox

Battle of Geonosis lets you experience the chaos of Star Wars for free. Players can choose from a variety of ships, tanks, guns, explode a lot of enemy vessels, and a lot more. You can also get iconic Star Wars weapons from the store for some Robux.

The players who want to earn free in-game items can also join the dev servers. That will also help you rank up further in the game. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Battle of Geonosis now!

5. Star Wars: Battleground

Roblox Star Wars Battleground
Image Courtesy: The Galactic Empire/ Roblox

Star Wars Battleground is one of the latest entries on the platform. The game is based on Star Wars galaxy at war. You can choose the Imperial banner of order and security or fight with the Rebel Alliance for galactic freedom.

The game gets regular updates, which means many planets are available to discover. Enjoy the iconic Star Wars characters by playing in various unique classes to fit your playstyle. Earn and enhance your weapons and join the battleground now. The game has also received an update with new items so be sure to try it out.

6. Star Wars Tycoon

Roblox Star Wars Tycoon
Image Courtesy: Electronic Publishers/ Roblox

Roblox has many tycoon simulator games on the platform, but this one is different. Unlike others, Star Wars Tycoon is more of a survival experience. You can build your base, strengthen your defenses, and protect it.

You get to be your favorite iconic Star Wars hero before you join the battle. Are you ready to duel the other Jedis? Will you be able to handle all the enemy forces? See for yourself!

7. Star Wars: Galaxy Roleplay

Star Wars Galaxy Roleplay Roblox
Image Courtesy: Gaming Cantina/ Roblox

If you want the ultimate roleplay experience of Star Wars, Galaxy Roleplay is the best Star Wars RPG on Roblox. Here, you find all Star Wars eras from the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, the First Order-Resistance War, and the Old Republic. The possibilities are endless.

You can recreate all the iconic scenes from the franchise. The game also gets constant updates, so you can be assured of being kept up to date So, become a Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian, smuggler, soldier, pilot, bounty hunter, and many more in this massive Roblox RPG experience.

8. Saber Showdown

Saber Showdown
Image Courtesy: Nova Wave Games/ Roblox

Roblox Saber Showdown gives you just the right amount of excitement for lightsaber duels. This game is inspired by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy & Movie Battles II lightsabers. This naturally means players get the definitive lightsaber duels here.

The gameplay is also creative and has tons of different ways to execute. Although the game is focused on the duel and fighting aspects of Star Wars, it’s definitely worth a shot. That is why the game is one of the most played Star Wars-inspired games on the platform and receives regular updates.

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