Roblox Ninja Legends Codes (December 2023)

In Short
  • Our updated codes list will provide you with plenty of valuable rewards in Ninja Legends on Roblox.
  • If you want to try all the codes, we have included both working and expired code lists for you.
  • To redeem the codes, launch Ninja Legends -> click the codes button -> type the code and redeem it.

Being a ninja can be difficult; you need to go through a lot of hardships. That is the exact experience you get with Ninja Legends on Roblox. Here, you get to be not only a ninja but the best one too. And for that, you’ll need codes that can grant you free chi, souls, and auto-training perks. So, this ninja went stealth mode and compiled all the working codes for Ninja Legends to help you in your journey.

Working Ninja Legends Codes

These codes are working as of December 1, 2023. We will remove codes as soon as they stop working and will add new ones as they are available, so bookmark this page for your convenience.

Ninja Legends does not provide any codes for free coins that help you get new items or accessories. However, these working codes will get you free gems, souls, and chis. Along with them, you also get codes for auto-training for a faster level-up in the game.

Free Souls & Auto-Training

  • christmasninja500: 500 Gems
  • sparkninja20: 20 Souls
  • soulhunter5: 5 Souls
  • epictrain15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  • roboninja15: 15 Minutes of Auto-Training

Codes for Chi

Chi is the in-game currency you need to buy pets in Ninja Legends on Roblox. Rare pets help you with a stat boost, so getting them in the game is important. The codes below will provide you with a lot of chi in Ninja Legends:

  • soulninja1000: 1000 Chi
  • zenmaster15K: 15k Chi
  • Chiinnerpeace5k: 5k Chi
  • Chiskyblades10K: 10k Chi
  • darkelements2000: 2000 Chi
  • Chisilentshadows1000: 1000 Chi
  • omegasecrets5000: 5k Chi
  • ultrasecrets10k: 10k Chi
  • elementmaster750: 750 Chi
  • secretcrystal1000: 750 Chi
  • skymaster750: 750 Chi
  • legends700m: 1200 Chi
  • dojomasters500: 500 Chi
  • dragonlegend750: 750 Chi
  • zenmaster500: 500 Chi
  • epicelements500: 500 Chi
  • goldninja500: 500 Chi
  • goldupdate500: 500 Chi
  • legends500m: 1000 Chi
  • senseisanta500: 500 Chi
  • blizzardninja500: 500 Chi
  • mythicalninja500: 500 Chi
  • legendaryninja500: 500 Chi
  • shadowninja500: 500 Chi
  • legends200M: 1100 Chi
  • epicflyingninja500: 500 Chi
  • flyingninja500: 500 Chi
  • dragonwarrior500: 500 Chi
  • swiftblade300: 300 Chi
  • DesertNinja250: 250 Chi
  • fastninja100: 100 Chi
  • epicninja250: 250 Chi
  • masterninja750: 1000 Chi

As is the case with other games in Roblox, Ninja Legends provides a double experience, spins, and rewards to Roblox premium users. So if you are out of codes, you can get a premium subscription for additional perks.

How to Redeem Ninja Legends Codes

Have you been swift as a ninja to gather the codes but struggled with redemption? Do not worry and follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Ninja Legends successfully:

  1. Open Ninja Legends and click the Twitter bird button on the right side of your screen.
  2. Now, click the Type Code Here section and paste a working code from our list above.
  3. Finally, click the green ENTER button, and you will receive your rewards in the game.
  • New codes option in Ninja legends
  • Redeem code option new

List of Expired Codes

Codes expire fast in Roblox games. These codes are released during in-game events and special occasions. Check the expired codes below in case you want to try your luck.

  • epictower350
  • treeninja400
  • shurikencity500
  • epicturrets450
  • powers500

Use your free rewards and be the swiftest ninja on Roblox. Let us know in the comments about the codes that we missed before you go on for your ninja training. After practicing stealth, jump on to Muscle Legends and become the strongest in Roblox.

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