Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes (December 2023)

In Short
  • Our Slayers Unleashed updated codes list will provide you with plenty of valuable rewards.
  • If you want to try all the codes, we have included both working and expired code lists for you.
  • To redeem the codes, launch Slayers Unleashed -> open chat box -> input the code and submit it.

Roblox Slayers Unleashed did not disappoint when they took the road of demons, taking inspiration from Demon Slayers. The game offers the full vibe of being a rookie sword slayer who can become the next big Hashira. But the slayer’s journey comes with a lot of obstacles. That is why we have compiled Slayers Unleashed codes to get free spins and EXP on Roblox.

Working Slayers Unleashed Codes

These codes are working as of December 1, 2023. We will remove codes as soon as they stop working and add new ones as they are available, so bookmark this page for your convenience.

Codes for Free Spin

These free spin codes will help you draw interesting in-game items. Remember that a majority of these codes grant you one spin only for free.

  • ;code 380KLikesSpins
  • ;code Halloween2023Spins
  • ;code PreHalloweenSpins
  • ;code MoonV2Spins
  • ;code NoRestartSpins1
  • ;code MoonReworkSpins
  • ;code 94MSpins
  • ;code 375KLikesSpins
  • ;code RewardSpins
  • ;code RevampSpins

Codes for Reroll

  • ;code SundayClanReroll
  • ;code SundayClanReroll2
  • ;code SundayClanReroll3
  • ;code SundayClanReroll4
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll2
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll3
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll4
  • ;code SundayMarkReroll
  • ;code SundayMarkReroll2
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll2
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll3
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll4
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll2
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll3
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll4

Codes for Free Boosts

The boosts can be a crucial part of your Slayers Unleashed journey and that is why these codes will be helpful for you. The codes are time-sensitive. So, make sure you grab and redeem them as soon as possible to kickstart your slaying journey.

  • ;code SundayExpBoost: XP boost (NEW)
  • ;code SundayExpBoost2: XP boost (NEW)
  • ;code SundayDropBoost: drop boost (NEW)
  • ;code SundayDropBoost: drop boost (NEW)
  • ;code 380KLikesExpBoost: XP boost
  • ;code 380KLikesExpBoost2: XP boost
  • ;code 380KLikesDropBoost: Drop boost
  • ;code 380KLikesDropBoost2: Drop boost
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost: XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost2: XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost3: XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost2: Drop Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost3: Drop Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenExpBoost: XP Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenExpBoost1: XP Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenDropBoost1: Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonV2ExpBoost: XP Boost
  • ;code MoonV2ExpBoost2: XP Boost
  • ;code MoonV2DropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonV2DropBoost2: Drop Boost
  • ;code UpdateExpBoost: XP Boost
  • ;code UpdateExpBoost2: XP Boost
  • ;code UpdateDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code UpdateDropBoost2: Drop Boost
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestExperienceBooster1: XP Boost
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestExperienceBooster2: XP Boost
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestDropBooster1: Drop Boost
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestDropBooster2: Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost: XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost2: XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost3: XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost2: Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost3: Drop Boost
  • ;code 94MExpBoost: 15min 2x XP Boost
  • ;code 94MExpBoost2: 15min 2x XP Boost
  • ;code 94MExpBoost3: 15min 2x XP Boost
  • ;code 94MDropBoost: 2x Drop Boost
  • ;code 94MDropBoost2: 2x Drop Boost
  • ;code 94MDropBoost3: 2x Drop Boost
  • ;code RevampExp: XP Boost
  • ;code RevampExp2: XP Boost
  • ;code RevampExp3: XP Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost2: Drop Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost3: Drop Boost

Free Stat Reset Codes

Resetting your stats in the game can help you get on a different path. So, if you want to change the direction of your journey as a slayer, use these stat reset codes in Slayers Unleashed now.

  • ;code SundayStatReset
  • ;code 380KLikesStatReset
  • ;code Halloween2023StatReset
  • ;code PreHalloweenStatReset
  • ;code PreHalloweenStatReset1
  • ;code MoonV2StatReset
  • ;code UpdateStatReset
  • ;code MissionsUpdateStatReset1
  • ;code MissionsUpdateStatReset2
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset2
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset3
  • ;code 94MStatReset
  • ;code 94MStatReset2

How to Redeem Codes in Slayers Unleashed

There are only a few steps in Roblox Slayers Unleashed to redeem the working codes. Follow these steps below to begin the redemption:

  1. Launch Slayers Unleashed in your Roblox app player.
  2. Once you are in-game, press the “/” button on your keyboard to open the chat box.
  3. After that, copy any working code from our list above and paste it into the chat box on the top-left of your screen.
  4. Finally, click the Enter button on your keyboard, and the reward will be credited to your game.
Code redeem box in Slayers Unleashed

List of Expired Codes

Codes expire fast in Roblox games. These codes are released during in-game events and special occasions. That’s why use the codes before they expire. You can also try your luck with these expired codes.

  • ;code RewardExpBoost
  • ;code RewardExpBoost2
  • ;code RewardExpBoost3
  • ;code RewardDropBoost
  • ;code RewardDropBoost2
  • ;code RewardDropBoost3
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost2
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost3
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost2
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost3
  • ;code RewardStatReset
  • ;code RewardStatReset2
  • ;code RewardStatReset3
  • ;code 375KLikesStatReset
  • ;code 375KLikesStatReset2
  • ;code UnlimitedSpinsWorks
  • ;code UpdateSpins

If a code does not work for you, let us know in the comments below, and we will remove it from our Slayers Unleashed codes list. Moreover, share any codes that we might have missed out on in the comments section.

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