Realme Unveils MagDart Wireless Charging System; Shows off 6 MagDart Accessories

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

Following a bunch of reports and teasers, Realme finally unveiled its Apple MagSafe-like magnetic wireless charging system for smartphones – MagDart. The Chinese giant today showed off the world’s fastest magnetic charging solution, capable of delivering charging speeds of up to 50W. So, let’s take a quick look at the MagDart charging system and the various accessories that Realme announced today.

Realme Flash, MagDart Chargers, and Accessories

Realme Flash

Let’s start off with the world’s first Android phone with support for Realme’s MagDart wireless charging system. Realme Flash is a concept phone developed by the Chinese giant to test and demonstrate the MagDart charging system.

Although the company did not reveal much about the device, the Realme Flash features a curved display, a dual-curved back panel with an AG matte coating, and a 0.3mm magnetic charging coil underneath the panel. Under the hood, the device packs the Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 4,500mAh battery with support for up to 50W fast charging.

50W MagDart Charger with Air Cooling System

Turning to the first MagDart accessory, the 50W MagDart Charger, as per the company, is the most compact and the most powerful magnetic charger in the industry.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

Plus, it comes with an active cooling system that leverages a physical cooling fan to improve thermal efficiency. Thanks to this, users can charge their devices while doing heavy-duty tasks like gaming or editing without the charger or the device heating up. However, the active cooling system does make the device a bit bulky.

As per Realme, the 50W MagDart Charger can charge the dual-cell 4,500mAh battery of the Realme Flash from 0% to 20% in just 5 minutes. Hence, it shows that the MagDart wireless charging solution is as fast as wired charging.

15W MagDart Slim Charger

Alongside the 50W charger, Realme also introduced an ultra-thin 15W MagDart Charger that aims to compete with Apple’s 15W MagSafe chargers. It is only 3.9mm thick and lighter than Apple’s offering, as per Realme Product Marketing Manager Alessio Bradde.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

It is the result of a new design developed by the company in which it put the charging board inside the charging plug instead of fitting it inside the circular charging pad. This enabled the engineers to minimize the weight as well as the thickness of the magnetic charging pad. Moreover, the new design also reduces heat generation and maintains a higher charging level consistently.

MagDart Power Bank

Realme has also introduced a slim and portable MagDart Power Bank that looks pretty similar to the recently launched Apple Battery Pack. It has a dual-cell battery onboard and weighs around 139g, making it a pocketable device. MagDart power bank could be a good alternative to Apple MagSafe Battery Pack.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

There is also a charging stand that goes along with the MagDart Power Bank. It has a USB-C connector to which users can connect the power bank to get a premium-looking wireless charging stand for Realme smartphones.

MagDart Beauty Light

Apart from the charging accessories, Realme also showcased a MagDart Beauty Light accessory that helps to improve portrait photography. It provides a soft white light using 60 mini LEDs while taking pictures to enhance them.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

The device attaches to a MagDart-enabled device magnetically and works with the help of reverse wireless charging. Moreover, the MagDart Beauty Light can be flipped over to the front while taking selfies.

MagDart Wallet

Next is the MagDart Wallet accessory that we recently saw in leaked renders. As the recent leaks suggested, the MagDart Wallet is a simple accessory that attaches to the back of a smartphone and holds up to 3 debit or credit cards.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

Furthermore, the MagDart Wallet also features an aluminum kickstand to enable users to prop the phone vertically on a flat surface. It is made of a hard-wearing white vegan leather material and looks pretty clean.

MagDart Case for Realme GT

Now, as a surprise for Realme GT owners, the company introduced a MagDart Case that is specially designed for Realme GT. It is a pretty nifty accessory that adds MagDart support to Realme GT, which currently does not have MagDart-compatible hardware.

Realme Unveils Its Magnet-Based MagDart Charging System

It has a carbon-fiber body along with a full-function USB-C port at the bottom. The case connects to the smartphone via a Type C connector and enables the device to charge using the MagDart technology. Moreover, the USB-C port at the bottom supports the same data transfer speeds and wired charging support as the standard USB-C port on the Realme GT.

We could see this case being launched in India at the Realme GT event on 18 August later this month.

Realme MagDart Fusion Plan and Ecosystem

These are all the MagDart-compatible devices and accessories that Realme announced today. Along with these, the company also announced the MagDart Fusion Plan, which promises to open the MagDart standard to other OEMs in the future. With this, Realme aims to create a massive ecosystem with MagDart-compatible devices and accessories, especially from third-party manufacturers.

As for availability, the company did not provide any specific timeline for the launch of MagDart products. Moreover, there is no information about the prices. However, as Realme has already announced the MagDart accessories, we can expect the company to soon release a MagDart-compatible phone in the market.

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