PUBG Mobile Announces New Anti-Cheat System with Version 1.0 Update

pubg mobile anti cheat

PUBG Mobile’s version 1.0 update, titled “New Era” is out tomorrow. With the update, the game is bringing a bunch of new changes, including improved graphics, water reflections, and the much awaited Erangel 2.0 map.

Today, the developers have also announced that PUBG Mobile’s upcoming update will bring with a new anti cheat system along with a bunch of improvements to improve the game’s security. According to a tweet on the official PUBG Mobile Twitter, the new anti cheat update can better detect Cheat Z, Cheat M, Grass Hack, and Auto Aim that a lot of hackers use within PUBG Mobile.

Moreover, the game will also have an even more optimised spectating system to ensure players don’t abuse it either. The developers have also fixed a lot of engine security issues in the new update. The full list of security improvements as shared by PUBG Mobile’s Twitter account is as follows:

  • Further optimised spectating system
  • Fixed engine security issues
  • Optimised the impact of security monitoring on performance
  • Optimised the process and tools of security protocols
  • Tightened security protocols on Livik penalty threshold
  • Crackdown on chat channel cheating promotions
  • Crackdown on ranked TDM

While I haven’t come across any obvious hackers in my time playing PUBG Mobile, TDM does have some sketchy characters, so I’m glad PUBG Mobile is doing something about it. Unfortunately, however, we will not be able to play PUBG Mobile’s New Era since the Indian government banned the app on grounds of national security. It remains to be seen whether Tencent Games can reach some understanding with the government and get the hugely popular game unbanned in the country. Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, a new game “FAU-G” has been announced, which is expected to be released late October, but apparently still hasn’t finished work on even the title art. The developer recently admitted to using a stock image for its big announcement a couple days ago.

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