PS5 Pro Specs Analysis Reveals Significant GPU Upgrade

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In Short
  • Digital Foundry has confirmed the leaked and rumored specs of the PS5 Pro in the latest podcast.
  • They confirm it has the same PS5 CPU with a boost mode and a huge GPU upgrade.
  • Through the analysis, Digital Foundry also talks about PSSR and the new machine learning used to upscale new games on the upcoming PS5 Pro.

When it comes to the endgame of PlayStation consoles, Pro variations always come with huge upgrades. While we are still waiting to hear from Sony, it seems the PS5 Pro is right around the corner. Amidst all the specs details of the PS5 Pro surfing the internet, Digital Foundry has verified and analyzed them in the latest podcast. The podcast’s title further confirms the PS5 Pro specs along with some new information.

PS5 Pro Spec Analysis: Overview

In the podcast, Digital Foundry ran down the PS5 Pro rumors and leaks from earlier this week. They verified the specs further by saying the CPU of PS5 Pro will indeed be the same. PS5 Pro, aka Project Trinity, will come with the Eight core/16 Thread Zen 2 at 3.5GHz CPU, the exact one used in the PS5 standard edition. However, it will come with a boost mode that can get the frequency up to 3.85GHz.

However, the key change in the PS5 Pro seems to be the GPU. Leaked by several sources, confirmed by Tom Henderson earlier, and now verified by Digital Foundry, the GPU is poised to get a significant upgrade in PS5 Pro.

It is expected to come with 60 Compute Units with the RDNA 3 architecture. Compared to the PS5 standard’s 36 RDNA 2, this seems to be a great upgrade. That said, the performance also gets a boost, as it comes with 33.5 teraflops of compute performance vs the standard PS5’s 10.23TF.

Regarding memory, with a 28 percent bandwidth boost, 16GB of 14Gbps GDDR6 in the standard PS5 is now upgraded to 18Gbps GDDR6 in the Pro. Ray tracing has also been confirmed to be upgraded and now performs 2x to 4x faster than PS5.

PS5 Pro will also include machine learning tech, which will be a direct comparison to DLSS and FSR. However, PSSR, aka PlayStation Spectral Resolution, will aim to better the results of what Nvidia or AMD do with their own upscale techniques.

The Pro variant of PS5 also seems to be getting a significant audio processing boost that will enhance details and hearing experience. But will it be a worthy upgrade?

Once Digital Foundry analyzed the specs of the upcoming PS5 Pro, they asked questions related to the backward compatibility and the CPU not getting an upgrade. Will only a GPU upgrade be enough for Sony to market the PS5 Pro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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