Sony to Reveal More PlayStation 5 Information Tomorrow

sony playstation 5 official logo unveil ces 2020

Unlike Microsoft, who has revealed the entire spec-sheet for the Xbox Series X, complete with a detailed look at the design of the controller, and all the hardware features of the console, Sony has so far kept mostly quiet about its upcoming console — the PlayStation 5.

The company has so far given us the bare minimum that it could give away, including a confirmation of the name “PlayStation 5” and a reveal of the new logo, which is unsurprisingly similar to the last logo.

However, it seems the Japanese giant is finally willing to give all of us a more detailed look at what it’s been working on. A new tweet from the PlayStation UK Twitter account says that Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for PlayStation 5 will give a deep look into the PS5.

While the tweet doesn’t say too much apart from ‘system architecture’, we’re hoping the company will shed light on the hardware it’s using inside the console, and hopefully give us a sneak peek at the console? Please? I’m honestly so tired of waiting to see what the PS5 will look like, because the Xbox Series X is looking pretty nice to me already.

The livestream will be available on the official PlayStation blog starting at 4PM GMT (that’s 9:30PM IST) tomorrow, March 18, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to tune in here.

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