Pokemon GO Mareanie Spotlight Hour Guide

In Short
  • The final Spotlight Hour of this month will take place on May 28, 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.
  • During this Spotlight Hour, players can capture Mareanie and, off the rare chance, its shiny variant.
  • Mareanie Spotlight Hours is also part of Pokemon GO's Ultra Space Wonders event.

As we inch towards the final days of the Pokemon GO World of Wonders event, we have one last spotlight hour for Mareanie to wrap up. While this Pokemon has prominently featured itself in the Ultra Space Wonders event, it’ll also appear in the spotlight hours as part of that event. If you also want to capture one of these, then read on as we share some necessary tips to get them all right here.

Pokemon GO Mareanie Spotlight Hour Time and Bonus

Mareanie as seen in the Pokemon anime
Mareanie as seen in the Pokemon anime. They were taken care of by James.

Let’s begin by learning the exact timing for Mareanie’s spotlight hour in Pokemon GO. Like every previous spotlight hour appearance, Mareanie will also appear for an hour on May 28 from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. During this time, Mareanie’s spawn rate will increase, giving you a higher encounter chance in the wild.

Unlike the previous spotlight hours, Mareanie’s shiny spawn rate is quite low. This means your chances of getting a Shiny Mareanie will stay comparatively lower than the previous Abra Spotlight hour.

But, if you are lucky, you can still capture one of them. Shiny Mareanie has a red color body. However, while the shiny spawn rate is low, you still get the bonuses for participating in a Spotlight Hour.

If you participate in the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, you’ll receive 2x catch XP. So, this incentivizes you to catch more Pokemon, including Mareanie. So, if you are looking forward to increasing your XP, now is the best time to consider participating.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Mareanie: Best Tips to Catch

Now that you know when Mareanie will appear in Pokemon GO spotlight hour, have a look at the best tips to capture it below.

1. Walk a Lot

This is a no-brainer if you are participating in Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours. Since the Mareanie spawn rate will be higher in the Pokemon GO event, the more you walk, the more chances you will encounter it.

If you have any pre-determined route set up by someone for Pokemon GO, take advantage of that. If you do this, you’ll surely get the chance to encounter Mareanie more frequently.

2. Use Your Adventure Incense

Adventure Incenses are best to utilize when participating in Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours. For those unaware, this item increases the Pokemon spawn rate around you for a limited time. You generally get one free adventure incense daily, allowing you to increase spawn chances of Pokemon for 15 minutes.

Use adventure incense to increase your chances to encounter Mareanie during today's Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

Use this at 6 PM before you go for a walk. If you are adamant about capturing Mareanie, you can get Pokecoins and buy some 60-minute incense.

3. Stock up on Great Balls and Berries

Stock up on some Great and Mega Balls in Pokemon GO for today's Spotlight Raid

While having normal Pokeballs or even Master Ball in Pokemon GO is good, you have even more options. The best is the Pokemon GO Great Ball, which you can receive by spinning Pokestops in-game. Keep a sufficient amount to ensure you have more to use if a Mareanie escapes during the encounter in Pokemon GO.

Furthermore, using berries is also a good idea when encountering a Mareanie. Different berries have different effects on them. So, use a Nanab Berry to calm them down and a Razz Berry to make it easier to catch them.

Are you excited to catch Mareanie in the Pokemon GO spotlight hour today? Drop your strategy in the comments below!

Can you perform an evolution on Mareanie after capturing them in Pokemon GO?

Mareanie does have an evolution, but you’ll need 50 candies for that. Evolving Mareanie will change it to a Toxapex.

What is Mareanie’s flee rate in Pokemon GO?

Mareanie has a 0% flee rate in Pokemon GO, meaning you can capture them quite easily than others during this Spotlight Raid.

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