Pokemon GO Abra Spotlight Hour Guide

In Short
  • Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO are a special time when a particular Pokemon spawns higher than its usual spawn rate.
  • Today, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, players can encounter the Psychic Pokemon Abra, including its shiny variant, more frequently.
  • This is the perfect moment if you ever want to evolve your Abra or add an Abra to your Pokedex.

The ever-famous Pokemon GO Spotlight hours are back, allowing players to gain bonuses and catch a specific Pokemon and their Shiny variant. For this week’s Spotlight Hours, you’ll get a chance to capture an Abra, a Psychic Pokemon. For players who never had an Abra in their team, catching this specific creature might be a bit difficult. Let me make it easier for you with our spotlight hour guide below:

Pokemon GO Abra Spotlight Hour Time and Special Bonus

Pokemon GO Abra in Spotlight Hours, with an increase chances of capturing a shiny and performing and evolution

The first thing you should know is the spotlight hour timing. The Pokemon GO spotlight hour will only be available from 6 to 7 PM local time on 14th May 2024. The Abra’s spawn rate will exponentially increase, giving you a higher encounter chance in the wild.

A piece of added good news is that Shiny Abra will also be available during the spotlight hours. So if you’ve never caught yourself a shiny Pokemon, now’s the time. If you do take part in catching Abra, you’ll also receive some eligible bonuses.

Today, you can benefit from 2x Evolution XP if you participate in the event. So if you want to evolve a Pokemon with double the benefit, today’s the day. If you also use a Lucky Egg, that number increases exponentially.

Best Tips to Catch Abra During Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Now that you know about Abra’s exact timing and Pokemon GO spotlight hour bonuses, have a look at the best tips below:

1. Walk a Lot

The best tip I can give regarding the spotlight hour is to walk a lot. If you have any pre-determined route set up by someone for Pokemon GO, take advantage of that during that time. Since in today’s Pokemon GO event, the Abra spawn rate will be higher, walking more frequently will give you the chance to encounter it. Who knows, this just might allow you to catch as many Abra as possible!

2. Use your Adventure Incense

The second-best option to capture an Abra today during today’s Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO is using adventure incense.

Use adventure incense to increase your chances to encounter Abra during today's Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

For those unaware, this item increases the chance of Pokemon spawning around you for a limited time. You generally get one free adventure incense daily, allowing you to increase spawn chances of Pokemon for 15 minutes.

I suggest holding onto this until 6 PM today and using it before you go for a walk. If you don’t have incense, get PokeCoins and buy them from the store. This one increases the spawn chance by 60 minutes.

3. Stock Up on Some Great Balls and Berries

Stock up on some Great and Mega Balls in Pokemon GO for today's Spotlight Raid

Bring some Great Balls with you to ensure a higher capture rate during the Abra encounter. The Great Ball increases your chances of successfully capturing a Pokemon. As such, you would naturally need this item to turn the tide in your favor. You can get Great Ball by spinning Pokestops.

Furthermore, try to use berries when you encounter an Abra. Different berries have different effects on them. So, use a Nanab Berry to calm it down and a Razz Berry to make it easier to catch them.

Are you excited to catch Abra in today’s Pokemon GO spotlight hour? Drop your strategy in the comments below!

Can you perform an evolution on Abra after capturing them in Pokemon GO?

To perform an evolution on Abra, you’ll require 25 candies in Pokemon GO. Performing the evolution on Abra will change it to a Kadabra, and if you use 100 candies, you can further evolve it into an Alakazam in Pokemon GO.

What is Abra’s flee rate in Pokemon GO?

Abra has one of the highest flee rates in Pokemon GO, amounting to almost 100%. Hence, we suggest stocking up on relevant berries and better Pokemon, as suggested above, for today’s Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO.

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