I Played Alto’s Odyssey on iPhone and It’s Awesome

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Alto’s Adventure — the beautiful snowboarding game with a soundtrack that’s so beautiful and well arranged it’s almost unbelievable. That game has been one of my favorites ever since I was using an iPhone 5s, and I spent hours, weeks, probably months playing that game.

Then back in December 2016, Snowman — the developer behind Alto’s Adventure announced a sequel to the game. The new game, titled Alto’s Odyssey was to be set in the desert, with a similarly striking design and background score. It was supposed to be released in the summer of 2017, but was unfortunately delayed when Snowman released a statement (in August 2017) saying “it takes time to build things right.”

I Played Alto’s Odyssey on iPhone and It’s Awesome

So, when the game finally hit the App Store last month, I was pretty excited. Since I’m using a OnePlus 5 now, and the game isn’t yet out for Android, I had to revive my iPhone 5s from the dead and play the game there. Let me tell you right now — it was totally worth it.

Alto’s Odyssey is a game that’s strikingly similar in concept to the original and that’s a great thing. It has simple controls, amazing gameplay, a graphically aesthetic setting and is somehow still as difficult to master as Alto’s Adventure was.

I Played Alto’s Odyssey on iPhone and It’s Awesome

I played it for quite some time over the last week and the more I played, the more I realized what Snowman meant by the line “it takes time to build things right.” Alto’s Odyssey took much longer than anticipated, but am I glad it did. The game has turned out as close to perfect as one could expect and exceeded my already ridiculously high expectations.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t available on Android yet, but for a game this good, I’m prepared to wait. If you’re using an iPhone, I’d suggest you go shell out the money to buy Alto’s Odyssey right now, you won’t regret it; and for all the fellow Android users out there, just hold on, it’s coming to Android for sure.

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