Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure Now Free Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

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In light of coronavirus pandemic, people are being advised by health professionals to stay at home and practice social distancing & self-isolation. At tough times like these, people might need some extra sources of entertainment and that’s exactly why game developers, including the makers of popular endless runner games Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey have decided to make their games available for free.

For the next week, you can download both Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey for free on macOS and iOS. In case you’re wondering, the games are already available for free on Android.

In a similar incident, Ironhide Game Studio, the makers of strategy games Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Origins have made these two games available for free until March 22 due to coronavirus outbreak. “We know it’s hard to stay inside due to COVID-19, so at Ironhide we want to make that time at least more fun. We believe and love our players and community and want you to be safe.”, wrote the company on Twitter.

You may download Alto’s Adventure from App Store here and Alto’s Odyssey from App Store here. Also, here are the links to download Kingdom Rush Origins from Google Play & App Store and Kingdom Rush Frontiers from Google Play & App Store.

The first company that started giving away its premium offerings for free amidst coronavirus outbreak is popular adult pornographic website PornHub. The website started offering free premium subscriptions to people in Italy and has now expanded the program to France and Spain.

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