pCloud Black Friday Offer: 75% Discount on Lifetime Plans


pCloud is one of my favorite cloud storage providers. I use it daily to back up my files. Those files are not only safe but also accessible from any device. Getting an online backup of your files is of utmost importance if you don’t want to lose them. I still remember the day when my laptop’s hard drive failed and I lost all my data (including work files and personal photos). Since then I have made sure to create an online backup of all my files. And I use pCloud as my online backup and file storing solution. I am telling you all this because for a limited period, pCloud is offering 75% discount on its lifetime plans. It makes pCloud the default choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable cloud storage provider.

If you have not heard of pCloud, make sure to read our review of the service. In the review, we have explained why we love pCloud so much along with its feature set. My favorite feature of pCloud is its ability to create a virtual disk on the computer. The disk acts as a gateway to pCloud’s cloud platform. Want to upload a file to pCloud? Just save the file in pCloud virtual drive and it will be automatically uploaded. The file is removed from your device that results in free storage. And Still the file is readily available to use as it takes seconds to get the file offline, thanks to pCloud’s unparalleled download and upload speeds.

pCLoud drive App

Another important feature of pCloud is the block-level synchronization which ensures that only the changes that you make to a file are uploaded. This reduces backup time and saves you data as the service is not uploading the entire file every time you make a small update or change. Other features of pCloud include exceptional file management, powerful and fast search, file sharing, file versioning, TLS/SSL encryption, password protection, the ability to create encrypted and non-encrypted folders in the same account, and more.

pCLoud onlihe

As I said, pCloud is offering a tremendous Black Friday deal for our readers. If you buy the service using our links, you will get a 75% discount on all of their lifetime plans. So, whether you want to get the 500 GB Lifetime storage plan, 2TB Lifetime storage plan, 2TB Family Plan (free lifetime encryption included), or the pCloud Encryption for a Lifetime plan, you can get a 75% discount. Not only that, but they are also offering a fun Scratch Card game, where if you are lucky, you can win even more goodies.

pCLoud Scratch

Even if you don’t win anything in the scratch card, the standard 75% discount on lifetime plans are great. For comparison, most other cloud storage providers charge a hefty monthly subscription price. pCloud takes away the pain of subscription pricing by giving you lifetime access to their cloud storage service with just one payment. Normally, pCloud’s lifetime plan costs $480 and $980 for 500 GB and 2 TB of data respectively. However, if you buy it with our link right now, you can get a lifetime 500 GB storage account for just $122.5 while the 2 TB storage plan will cost only $245. Note that the deal will end on 1st December, 2019. So, be sure to get it before the deals expires.

pCloud Black Friday Discount

So, save yourself from experiencing a disk failure that wipes out your important files. Store them in the cloud now with pCloud’s exceptional Black Friday deal.

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