Palworld Summer Update to Bring New Pals, Weapons, and Island

Palworld New Pal Summer Update Announcement Cover
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair
In Short
  • During the official ID@Xbox Showcase event, Pocketpair announced the new summer update for Palworld.
  • Palworld will get four new Pals, weapons, and a new island in this update.
  • We might also get a new tower boss, as teased toward the end of the trailer.

Since Palworld broke all the records and awed gamers, developers have been promising new content. We already know the early roadmap of Palworld, where the PvP arena will be promised. However, it seems we will get something before that reveal. During the ID@Xbox Showcase event, Pocketpair announced a new trailer that showed the new island, new Pals, and new weapons included in the Palworld summer update.

All New Things Coming in the Palworld Summer Update

New Pals Palworld
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair

During the showcase, we see multiple new additions to the world of pocket monsters. Starting the trailer, we walk through different areas with four new Pals. In the showcase, we see a frog Pal, a turkey Pal, a Pal similar to Bushi, and a mushroom Pal. With each Pal, we see new locations, which means we will get at least one new Island with more biome types.

While showcasing the new Pals, the trailer also shows two new weapons. This means the flamethrower and a futuristic burst rifle will be added in the Palworld summer update. Towards the end of the trailer, we also see a tower right beside a shrine, which could possibly hint at a new tower boss.

New Tower arena Palworld
Image Courtesy: Pocketpair

The trailer’s official description reads, “This summer, new adorable Pals will step into the vast open world of Palworld. Expand your base and prepare yourself to capture them upon their arrival! Stay tuned for more exciting updates as they’re just around the corner!”

So, are you excited about the Palworld summer update and the new Pals? What else do you want to see added to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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