5 Best Starter Pals in Palworld You Should Pick

Even though it has only been online for a day, Palworld is quickly becoming one of the most-played Pokemon-like games. However, in Palworld, you are not offered a starting Pal but must catch one. Thankfully, there are tons of them roaming the island, but not all of them will be welcoming for you to catch. To help you out there, we booted up Palworld and compiled a handy guide on some of the best starter Pals you should catch right now. On that note, let’s begin.

When you first start up Palworld, you are thrust onto a large island to explore the wilderness. Once you craft weapons and get a Palsphere, you can go up to Pals roaming around and catch them. Each comes with a work suitability. This allows them to perform tasks on base once assigned to a Palbox. Based on their working suitability for the beginning and their potential, we’ve chosen a few of them for this list.

With that said, you will find these Pals frequently roaming the island in the beginning, and the best ones you should catch right now.

1. Lamball

Palworld Starter Pal Lamball

Work Skill: Transportation, Farming, Handiwork
Partner Skill: Fluffy Shield

Lamballs are fluffy, adorable Pals that look similar to sheep. They generally roam in pairs of two, and you’ll find them on the flat plains right after you start getting off the tall hill. When they are aggressive, they become round and start rolling towards the players.

Once you catch them, you can use Lamballs as a shield, thanks to the Fluffy Shield partner assist. This skill turns Lamball into a shield that can stop most incoming attacks. When assigned to the Palbox, it can perform farming, transport items to your storage box, and perform handiwork.

Lamballs are perfect if you want a good balance between work efficiency at the base and protection during the fight. Hence, if you’re focusing on that portion, definitely catch a few of them and assign them to work on your base.

2. Chikipi

Palworld starter Pal Chikipi

Work Skill: Gathering, and Farming
Partner Skill: Egg Layer

Chikipi are round, white Pals that look similar to a hen. You’ll find tons of them roaming the starting area of the game. And sometimes, you’ll also find a random egg beside them. This is good for points where you want food.

When provoked, Chikipi will dash towards you with speed, trying to poke you with their beak. However, hitting them a few times should easily ensure you grab them using your palsphere. While their partner assist skill is only helpful for later hours of the game, they are great at gathering materials and farming. Hence, if you plan on setting up a farm, catch a few Chikipi.

And if you want to commit to running a farm, you can catch multiple Chikipis and let them do their work. It makes farming less tedious, and you get to have eggs. Unfortunately, Chikipis don’t have a corresponding skill for fights. Nonetheless, if you want a Pal for domestication purposes, they are one of the best starters in Palworld.

3. Cattiva

Palworld Pal Cattiva

Work Skill: Gathering, Mining, Handiwork, Transportation
Partner Skill: Cat Helper

The third starter Pal you’ll find in Palworld is the Cattiva. These are adorable cat-like creatures that are shy of the players when approached. However, when provoked, they’ll use both claws and swing them simultaneously at the player.

When you capture a Cattiva, you can use it to carry supplies back to your base in a team. Also, when assigned to a Palbox, they can perform numerous tasks in-game, such as transportation, gathering, mining, and handiwork.

This Pal is perfect if you want to focus on gathering and foraging. Cattiva’s partner assist skill doubles the player’s carrying capacity, making it easier to pick more things. Furthermore, Cattivas are multi-disciplinary, which means they can do quite a few works as a starter Pal. This should be your preferred pick if you want to focus on base-building,

4. Daedream

Palworld Daedream

Work Skill: Gathering, Handiwork, Transportation
Partner Skill: Dream Chaser

When the night falls on the island, you will find one of the prettiest and most useful Pals from the early game. Called Daedreams, these are dark-type Pals roaming beside the river below the fast-travel beacon. And it so happens to be another choice for a starter pal in-game.

When captured, you get access to its Dream Chaser partner assist skill. When you use this skill, the Daedreamer will follow up each of your attacks with magic bullets. This doubles the damage. As for working, this Pal can help with transportation, gathering, and crafting items.

Daedreams can only be found at night and are an offensive alternative to Lamballs. Their skill helps during the fight, and their worker skill covers most basic tasks required in a base.

5. Foxpark

Palworld Foxpark

Work Skill: Kindling
Partner Skill: Dakko Flame

A fiery fox that you found roaming further down the hill. Foxparks get spooked easily when you approach them. However, they will shoot fireballs at you, dealing fire damage when provoked. Nonetheless, Foxparks are a great assistance during fights.

When you catch a Foxpark, you can bring it to help you in fights. However, you cannot use the partner skill immediately. Dakko Flame, as it’s called, turns Foxpark into a flamethrower. But unlocking the harness under the tech tree is essential to use the skill. Furthermore, Foxparks can only perform kindling when assigned to the base.

Hence, if you plan on crafting tons of fire arrows and want a good Pal in Palworld that looks cute and does decent damage, you can pick Foxparks. And, if you want a flamethrower that annihilates invading forces later.

And these are the starter Pal you can pick in Palworld. Each of these starters has its purposes, and catching multiple of them only makes your life easier. I went with Lamballs for a balanced approach to base assistance and defense during fights. Which Pal did you pick as your starter? Let us know in the comments below.

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