OneAll- Simplifying Integration of Social Networks In Websites

OneAll, as they describe themselves  is a technology company offering a set of web-delivered tools and a Unified Social Network API to simplify the integration of 20+ social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! and LinkedIn into business and personal websites.

There has been a substantial growth in users of social media sites over the world. Rural areas too, are no exception. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the newly launched Pinterest, have a big contribution to the traffic and users of the blogs, websites and start-ups over the internet. Hence, taking these things into consideration, websites have started enabling features of signing in via social media accounts. You can see the plug-in when you chose to register or sign up and your screen displays, “Sign up with Facebook” or “Connect via Twitter”. So, now, you can put your social media accounts to use and register to your favorite websites easily.

As we see now, the number of social media sites has grown in past few years and companies are using social media smartly to promote their products and engage more and more users. And as each media has its own class of users, it has become easier for companies to track down their target audience. They are keen on extending their user database by making available the sign in via social media plugin. Thus, OneAll is of great help here in. Companies can use OneAll and increase the registration rate to a great extent. Even though, all of those 20+ sites don’t have significant use, your website is imperfect without them. OneAll has been proved as a remedy to extensive efforts and wastage of time. OneAll completes its process by providing single API address to all social media websites on internet.

If you select OneAll to simplify the integration of social networks, users of your site will get to sign in with more than 20+ social network accounts. This will certainly boost your site as the process is lot easier and quicker. The plus-point of OneAll is the sharing widget that it provides to publicize your content around the web.

Thus, OneAll is a service that enables you to widen the reach of your site, enables you to promote your blog with sharing widget and helps in increasing the popularity of your website.

Now, if you’re wondering the plus points of OneAll over other plugins then here are they as follows:

1. Social Login resulting in increase in Login rate:
No more need for your readers to fill out long forms of their details to register. No more need for them to confirm email after registration. Just one click registration via Social media accounts using OneAll. Don’t you think that Social Login will give a huge boost to the the registration rate?

2. Enabled for existing users too:
If you’ve already registered to some site by the traditional process via email then don’t regret as OneAll allows the existing users too to link their social media accounts. It favours the admins too as they get details about the different groups of people using their site.

3. Helpful insights:
OneAll helps you to fetch the pre-validated emails which is a great thing. It provides you with details of your user statistics. It gives detailed insight of your website. You can also track the new registrations, sharing of links and visits due to referrals.

4. No messy codes:
Every social network has their own official code for facilitating the registrations which you need to insert on your website. But, with OneAll, there is no such thing. There are no messy codes at all.

5. Sharing Widget:
The special widget, we already talked about which let’s you share the content on various sites and thus publicize your site.

6.  CMS Plugins:
Majority of the websites are built on popular CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and guess what, OneAll provides easy plugins for integration in any of above mentioned CMS.

For instance, if you are looking for Joomla Social Login, You can do it with the installation of one easy plugin, That’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

Thus, OneAll is well packed with awesome features which you’d certainly like to use. The cherry on the cake is, OneAll is free for download. All you need to do is signup and set up the widget on your website.

Well, this is just a start and we are quite sure OneAll would certainly look into these issues. We would surely recommend you OneAll as it is far better than its rivals and surely is best in the lot right now.

[List of social networks OneAll provides integration to: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Paypal, Yahoo,, Foursquare,, OpenID, LiveJournal,, Windows Live. StackExchange, Blogger, Disqus, Steam, Hyves,, VKontakte (Вконтакте)]

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