One Piece: Zoro vs. Lucci Finally Has a Winner in Manga Chapter 1110!

In Short
  • In chapter 1110, the final moments of the showdown between Rob Lucci and Roronoa Zoro took place.
  • An engraved Zoro performed his three-sword style: Spotted Leopard Hahava Hunt that destroyed Rob Lucci.
  • In the end, Zoro got his victory against Rob Lucci in a fight that lasted for well over 6 months in real-time.

Whoa, that was one dragged-out yet thrilling fight! I am referring to one of the main conflicts that fans endured for a while in the Egghead Island arc. It is Zoro vs. Lucci, which was popular when it started but eventually lost its appeal since it was dragged out and obscured by other major events taking place on the island.

Oda sensei, however, made the decision to conclude this protracted contest by declaring a winner in One Piece chapter 1110. The winner put an end to the contest and came out on top with a stunning final blow. Who was it, you ask? Find out below:

Zoro vs. Rob Lucci: Winner of the Fierce Battle Revealed

One Piece: Zoro vs. Lucci Finally Has a Winner in Manga Chapter 1110!

Can you believe me if I say that the Zoro vs. Lucci contest lasted for around 6 months? Yes, that is one of the primary reasons why it felt so stretched out, even though the actual fight lasted under an hour, according to the plotline.

It all started when Rob Lucci, who was tasked with killing Dr. Vegapunk, nearly went on to kill the old man but was interrupted by Zoro. From then on, the fight between them began, and they kept butting heads and taunting each other for a while.

We were left to patiently wait for this battle’s conclusion as other significant events were happening on the island, such as St. Saturn taking the matter into his own hands, the Giant Pirates’ arrival, the remaining Gorosei descending on the island in their true demon form, and more.

Luckily, this ever-lasting fight was wrapped up by Eiichiro Oda in Chapter 1110 of One Piece, with Zoro triumphing against one of the strongest CP0 members, Rob Lucci.

How Did Zoro Manage to Defeat Rob Lucci?

In chapter 1110, the battle was still ongoing outside the labophase, with each realizing and reacting to an insurmountable amount of Haki from the Five Elders’ arrival on the island.

This is when Jinbe arrives to see these two characters still going strong and no one looking to back down. When Sanji, who was on a call with Jinbe reacted to this fight and mentioned how much of a burden Zoro is to the crew, it triggered Zoro and made him flip the switch.

Hence, a hot-headed Zoro immediately tossed his sword up in the air and immediately unleashed his three-sword style: Spotted Leopard Hahava Hunt, a killer blow that obliterated Rob Lucci. Throughout the fight, Zoro remained unfazed by poor Rob, who is on a losing streak now. This is how Zoro emerged as the winner of a strung-out battle against this CPo member.

Personally, I quite liked this battle from the beginning, however, as it turned out to be lingering, it became disappointing as it progressed. However, the single-blow ending was worth the wait, and it was what we’ve always wanted to happen for some time now. Sanji fans might not have had faith in Zoro, but you gotta agree he’s quickly becoming one of the best swordsmen in One Piece. That said, let us know your thoughts on this battle in the comments below.

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