Is Dr. Vegapunk Dead or Alive in One Piece? Explained

In Short
  • Dr. Vegapunk was first stabbed by one of the five elders, St. Saturn in his demonic form which resulted in  a fatal injury.
  • Along with these severe wounds, Dr. Vegapunk was given yet another deadly blow by Kizaru which essentially killed him in chapter 1108.
  • There are more proofs such as flat line ECG, Gorosei's confirmation, etc which confirmed his death in the series.

The Egghead arc is advancing fast to become one of the greatest arcs in One Piece history. However, after experiencing all the highs in this arc, it also made us despair and suffer with the unknown fates of our favorite characters, like Garp and now Dr. Vegapunk. We finally got to meet Dr. Vegapunk in the Egghead Island arc, but do we need to say goodbye to the old man in this same arc? Things are certainly not looking good for him in the recent chapters, so let’s find out whether Dr. Vegapunk is alive or not in One Piece.

Spoiler WarningThis article contains spoilers about Dr. Vegapunk and his current status in One Piece. We suggest you read the manga (up to Chapter 1109) to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Dr. Vegapunk Being Hunted by World Government

Is Dr. Vegapunk Dead or Alive in One Piece? Explained
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X/@animetv_jp)

Let us start by talking about the incidents that have happened so far involving Dr. Vegapunk on the Egghead Island. Dr. Vegapunk was planned to be assassinated at Egghead Island, as fans might be aware. CP0 was tasked with finding the old man and killing him as he knows the truth behind the mysteries of the One Piece universe such as the Ancient Kingdom, Ohara Incident, etc.

The World Government always knew that Dr. Vegapunk would one day understand the truth and reveal it to the whole world, thus, they have always had a plan of disposing of him as soon they are done with exploiting him and utilizing his inventions.

Throughout this arc, Dr. Vegapunk has had near-death experiences but was saved by the Straw Hat Pirates. However, that didn’t last long as his previous acquaintances, such as Kizaru and St. Saturn, one of the Five Elders, came into action to eliminate the man of science before he did something that could potentially overthrow the World Government.

Dr. Vegapunk Gets Stabbed by Saturn

Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece anime.
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom/One Piece Wiki)

In the ongoing heated engagement in the Egghead arc, Bonney was about to be killed by Pacifistas. So, Dr. Vegapunk gave Bonney the supreme authority over Pacifistas since he couldn’t see Bonney getting hurt or even killed by those creations made out of her father.

This is the one and only selfish decision that Dr. Vegapunk has made in his entire career under the regime of the World Government. While it was a righteous decision, Saturn felt betrayed by this action from Dr. Vegapunk. As they were ready to assassinate the old man, this further added fuel to the unquenchable fire.

Thus, an enraged Saint Saturn in his demonic form lifted one of his spider-like legs and pierced it straight into Dr. Vegapunk’s body. St. Saturn was the first one to deliver a fatal blow to the old man. This was followed by a remark from Dr. Vegapunk, who acknowledged that he was sure that he would die immediately if he moved.

However, this was not enough to put the old man to rest. Then, who delivered the final blow to Dr. Vegapunk, you ask? Learn about that below.

Who Dealt the Final Blow to Dr. Vegapunk?

Kizaru in One Piece opening
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube)

Along with CP0, one of the strongest admirals in One Piece, Kizaru was entrusted with ending the life of one of the biggest threats in the World Government’s eyes, i.e. his old friend Dr. Vegapunk. Kizaru can be seen questioning his morals and ideals all the time in this arc, however, the admiral still continues to be a cog in the government’s machinery and carries out his duties.

As a result, when Sanji was carrying the already severely wounded Vegapunk, Kizaru interrupted them by kicking away Sanji. With this opening, Kizaru didn’t hesitate to unleash a killer blow using the powers of the Pika Pika no Mi (one of the strongest Logia-type devil fruits). Thus, Kizaru’s ruthless laser beam served as the life-ending attack that killed Dr. Vegapunk right before Luffy and Sanji’s eyes.

So, Is Dr. Vegapunk Dead in One Piece?

Is Dr. Vegapunk Dead or Alive in One Piece? Explained
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X/@animetv_jp)

So, at this moment, Dr. Vegapunk is confirmed to be dead as he was ultimately killed by Kizaru and Saturn also contributed to his unfortunate demise. There are a few more confirmations of this news that were hidden in plain sight, including

  • In chapter 1108, towards the end, you can see an ECG scan that shows a flatline (aka Asystole) that essentially confirms that Dr. Vegapunk’s heart stopped beating.
  • In the next chapter 1109, you can see all the dead Vegapunk’s satellites, including Shaka and Pythagoras along with Dr. Vegapunk in the video transmission. This is a clever easter egg by Oda, which hints at Dr. Vegapunk also being dead.
  • Finally, also in chapter 1109, the Gorosei mentions that “Kizaru killed Dr. Vegapunk and that he should be dead by now.”.

Furthermore, Dr. Vegapunk saved the transmission which will reveal the truth about the One Piece world to everyone. It’s a trump card that would only be played after his death. So, now that message has started airing to the world, it essentially confirms that our old man and brainiac is no more.

What’s the Future of Dr. Vegapunk and His Satellites?

Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (YouTube)

It was beyond exciting to finally meet Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites, however, those smiles didn’t last long as we already lost satellites such as Stella, Shaka, and Pythagoras. York being a traitor only leaves us with Atlas, Lilith, and Edison as the surviving satellites on Egghead Island right now. With that in mind, I believe they will escape the island along with the Straw Hat Pirates and make their way to Elbaf Island.

While Dr. Vegapunk’s death is 99% confirmed, there is still a 1% chance that we can witness the man come back from the dead. Because this is nothing new in One Piece, we have been teased with many character’s death only to see them come back later such as Sabo, Pell, Pound, etc.

Additionally, Dr. Vegapunk is the smartest man on this planet, so I believe he has all the skills you’d need to fool his killers and cheat death. So, let’s wait and see if this theory becomes reality. But, for now, Dr. Vegapunk has been killed by Kizaru in chapter 1108.

That said, what do you think about Dr. Vegapunk’s status in One Piece right now? Do let us know in the comments below.

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