One Piece: St. Saturn’s Devil Fruit Powers (Explained)

In Short
  • One of the Five Elders, St. Saturn, has appeared on Egghead Island. He made a grandiose entry in his awakened devil fruit form and showcased its powers.
  • St. Saturn is confirmed to have consumed an unknown devil fruit, which allows him to transform into a spider with six legs and big horns similar to Ushi-Oni.
  • He displayed a variety of distinct powers and abilities, which include Devil Fruit transformation, a one-shot ability, Healing, and much more.

Guess who made one of the best entries in One Piece recently and shattered the internet? It is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, who made his entry to Egghead Island. He is currently the point of interest in the One Piece community because his devil fruit powers were finally revealed. If you’re curious to learn more about Saturn, his devil fruit, and how he relates to the Japanese Yōkai legend.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about the story and the characters in One Piece. We suggest you watch the anime and read the manga (up to latest chapter) to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Who is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in One Piece

St. Jaygarcia Saturn is one of the Five Elders in One Piece, who are the highest authoritative figures in the pirate world. As everyone must be aware, the Five Elders are the followers of the creator, Imu-sama.

Thus, Saturn’s powers and authority align with Imu’s goals, and the Elders work for them without having any second doubts. Every single one of the Gorosei is assigned a certain area of politics and Saturn is the Warrior God of Science and Defense.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn in anime
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (One Piece Fandom)

As he oversees Science and Defense, the currently ongoing Egghead arc revolves around Saturn’s specialization. As a result, he is the first Gorosei seen stepping out of the Mary Geoise and joining the party at Egghead Island.

While we thought it was just going to be an introduction, Saturn surprised us by unveiling his frightening devil fruit powers. You can learn all about his powers in the section below.

St. Saturn’s Devil Fruit Powers

We knew that the Five Elders were going to be one of the most powerful characters we would meet in One Piece. But questions like how powerful they are? Are they devil fruit users or non-devil fruit users? kept us pondering.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn's tranformation in one piece
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (One Piece Fandom)

These questions were finally answered in One Piece manga chapter 1085 when Sabo met the Gorosei accidentally. Now, a few chapters later, we finally get a complete look at one of them, St. Saturn, and his devil fruit powers in chapter 1094.

St. Saturn came into action with what looks like a summoning circle. Some fans have already started calling it a black magic circle or devil summoning circle as it shares a heavy resemblance with these things in real life. He emerged from the symbol on the ground looking like the devil himself.

Saturn has a spider-like torso and legs coupled with an ox-like head with horns. Similar to Luffy in Gear 5 form and many other awakened Zoan devil fruit users, he has black smoke surrounding his physique. That said, here are Saturn’s devil fruit powers:

This basically confirms that he is not only a zoan devil fruit user but has successfully awakened his powers as well. As of now, the devil fruit and its powers haven’t been revealed in its entirety. But we did get to see a glimpse of Saturn’s powers.

These powers are related to and based on a Yōkai from Japanese Folklore. Some of the powers we have seen until now are:

  • Transformation: Saturn’s devil fruit allows him to evolve into a spider-like creature with horns.
  • One-Shot ability: The Marines were strictly ordered not to look at St. Saturn and that if they did so, they would be punished for it. Little did we know that punishment is straight-up death by Saturn himself. When a guy from the Marines looked at him, his head exploded immediately and everyone felt like this was one of Saturn’s powers.
  • Healing: He was able to heal himself instantly and recover completely after he got stabbed by Jewelry Bonney.
  • Telekinetic/Telepathic powers: In addition to his telepathic powers seen in the previous chapter, Saturn shows us an extended version by immobilizing some of the Straw Hat Pirates with his strong gaze.

We certainly don’t know if these powers are related to his devil fruit or Haki as of now. However, Dr. Vegapunk who is well aware of the types of devil fruits through its encyclopedia confirmed that it’s more likely his devil fruit power.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn’s Relation to Ushi-Oni

Ushi-oni from Japanese folklore.
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

As you can notice, the appearance of St. Saturn after using his devil fruit powers shares a striking resemblance to Ushi-Oni. For those unaware, it is a “Yōkai” (supernatural entity) from the folklore of Japan.

The name Ushi translates to Ox and Oni means Devil, thus, it translates to Ox-Devil when combined and befits the above creature. So what can we learn from this devil in Japanese folklore, you ask?

Well, theorists and fans have already started to speculate that the devil fruit powers of St. Saturn are based on this Japanese legend. Some rumors suggest that the title of St. Saturn’s devil fruit is likely to be Ushi Ushi no Mi and comes as a different model.

Since we have seen Luffy’s devil fruit being associated with the powers of God, everyone now highly anticipates the story’s biggest antagonists to be associated with the devils. So, a good old-fashioned showdown between the Gods and Devils might be in the books here as well. Therefore, we are madly waiting for the final chapters of the Egghead arc to learn more about Saturn.

In the meantime, tell us about what you think about Saturn’s powers in the comments below.

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