“Ohsnap Grip” is a Super-Thin Phone Grip That’s Just 3mm Thick

Ohsnap grips feat.

It seems like each year, smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. To achieve the highest screen-to-body ratio, smartphone manufacturers are pushing their limits to create huge displays without bezels. However, if you do not have a big hand with long fingers, then chances are you love phone grips and you think you owe one to them for your huge phone’s safety. But at the same time, if you hate that bulge it creates in your pocket, or get pissed when you can’t slide your device into your pocket with ease, that’s where the “Ohsnap Grip” comes in.

The “Ohsnap Grip” is an extremely powerful grip, a magnet, and a stand. That’s not all though. It also supports wireless charging, which is compatible with “snapcharge” i.e., a wireless charger made by Rale Backus, the same US company that developed the “Ohsnap Grips”.

Now, the best part, the whole thing is wrapped inside a super-thin frame. When you don’t want to use it, free your finger from the loop, and its almost as if it wasn’t even there in the first place. The grip is 61mm in diameter and just 3 mm thick, which is crazy!

Ohsnap grips 1

The company claims that the grip works with all types of phone and finger sizes and takes less than 20 seconds to stick on the back of the phone.

One finger use also makes the process quicker. All you need to do is slide your finger in. The grip transforms into a stand, which is multi-angled. So, whether you want to use your phone vertically or horizontally this one has got your smartphone’s back, literally!

The Grip is also super durable as it is designed to survive millions of cycles all because of the tear-resistant silicone. However, if the grip gets damaged the company pledges to replace it for free within a year excluding shipping.

The Grips come in two base colors — Black and white, and eight trim colors that include black, white, gray, red, blue, purple, orange, and cyan.

The grip is also magnetic, which is amazeballs when you want to multitask. Be it in the gym, kitchen, or your car, the grip sticks to any metal surface it can find. Moreover, the company has also created a mounting stand specifically for this grip called the “snapstand”.

Ohsnap grips snapstand

This grip is compatible with the first-ever magnetic wireless charger, called the “snapcharge”, of which I talked about earlier. This uses the Qi wireless charging standard which works with all wireless charging enabled devices, AirPods, and more. So now, you can actually pick up the phone to use it without interrupting wireless charging!

Ohsnap grips snapcharge

Now, does the grip work with other wireless chargers? Well, according to the company the grip worked fine with other wireless chargers, but they cannot vouch for it. So, it’s safer to get the “snapcharge” cause these two are literally made for each other.

So, if you’re interested in getting the “Ohsnap Grips”, you can check them out on Indiegogo. A single “Ohsnap Grip” costs $19 (~Rs 1,450). However, if you want to get it with the “snapcharge” wireless charger, the cost would rise to $55 (~Rs 4,197).
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  • Kk says:

    Do not buy, company takes money and doesn’t fulfil orders + ignores any emails with automated emails

  • AG says:

    Oh Snap does not work on iPhone 12
    And once ordered, no one will respond from the company

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