Nike to Launch Blockchain-Enabled “CryptoKicks” Sneakers

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Nike is preparing to launch blockchain-enabled sneakers called “CryptoKicks”. As per the US Patent dated December 10, the sportswear brand will make use of blockchain technology to add cryptographically secured digital assets to its sneakers.

In case you’re wondering what blockchain possibly has to do with sneakers, the company aims to use the technology to enable customers to verify the authenticity of the sneakers they just spent a lot of money on.

When you get your hands on a pair of CryptoKicks, you will be asked to scan its Unique Product Identifier (UPID) which in turn unlocks the cryptographic digital asset “CryptoKick” along with a private key “Kick ID” that gets linked to your blockchain locker address.

A digital representation of the shoe that looks like an avatar of the shoe will be generated as well as you can see in the below image. At any time, you can view the shoes you own in a dedicated smartphone app. Cool, isn’t it?

Nike to Launch Blockchain-Enabled “CryptoKicks” Sneakers

Thanks to blockchain, you can easily transfer the ownership of the shoe by trading the assets. This way, the new owner of the shoe can be sure that he/she is not being scammed.

Nike is also offering a new feature that it calls “CollaboKicks” allowing users to mashup two CryptoKicks to create a new shoe offspring. Users can find willing CryptoKick owners to mashup with using the “CryptoKick Collab” option that will be available on the app.

With all that said, we will have to wait until Nike officially teases these new blockchain sneakers for a release date. So, how do you like the concept of incorporating blockchain technology into sneakers? Let us know in the comments.

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