MiniFalcon is a Foldable Electric Scooter That Fits in Your Backpack

mini falcon

Have you ever wished to carry your vehicle around whenever and wherever you go? With MiniFalcon, an electric scooter that folds and becomes so compact to fit in a backpack, your wishes might soon come true.

MiniFalcon is undoubtedly the world’s first portable high-performance scooter. When folded, the electric scooter becomes just less than two feet long (23 inches) which makes it possible to be carried anywhere with ease. Take a look at the below image to see how simple the folding process is.

Mini Falcon

There are three adjustable gears in the scooter which helps in various terrains and conditions. For instance, top gears can be used in highways and open roads while low-speed high-torque gear should be used in hilly areas for more power and control.

The electric scooter has a 250W motor which does not produce any kind of noticeable noise while being operated. There is a kinetic energy recovery system in MiniFalcon that recharges the battery in situations with excess incoming energy, like when you go downhill or in a slope.

Speaking of the battery, the battery in MiniFalcon charges completely in 2 hours, thanks to the presence of fast charging technology. The battery will last you enough to travel around 15 km. You can check the display to check the remaining battery life, speed, gear, and mileage.

As far as the braking system is concerned, MiniFalcon provides you with an electric brake and a manual brake. The scooter also supports ABS in case you’re someone used to sudden brakes without losing control. Also, there are two shock absorbers in the front and back wheel to provide impact resistance.

mini falcon shock absorbers

The tires of Mini Falcon is made of polyurethane which makes it four times more wear-resistant and chemical resistant when compared to normal rubber tires, according to the company.

At the time of writing this article, MiniFalcon had raised $107,179 from 265 backers on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website. The product is currently in the production phase and is expected to start delivery by October.

There are five options to buy MiniFalcon. The Launch Special variant will cost $329 while Super Early Bird, Indiegogo Special will cost $349 and $399 respectively. You can get two MiniFalcons at $599 in the Two-Pack Launch Special plan and four MiniFalcons at $1,099 in the Four-Pack Launch Special plan.

So, what do you think of MiniFalcon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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    I’ve been waiting for mine for years after Indiegogo allowed them to rip off 100’s of people.

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