Petition to Stop Minecraft Mob Vote Garners Huge Support

Stop the Mob Vote Petition with a screenshot from the official Mob Vote video

The mob candidates for the Mob Vote 2023 have been revealed recently. They are three cute animals with uses geared toward player quality of life. Usually, players are quite quick to decide who their favorite mob is. However, this year, that’s not the case. People don’t want one or two, but all three mobs to be added to the game in the next major update. In this article, we’ll explain the petition to stop Minecraft Mob Vote 2023.

Stop the Minecraft Mob Vote Petition: Explained

A member of the Minecraft community started the petition on 6th October to stop the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023. If you visit the official petition page, you’ll see that over a whopping 350K people have signed it so far. This may seem like a massive joke and just a desire of the community to play around with all three mobs. However, if you look at how the petition has been titled, as well as the text below, you may realize that it’s more than just a joke.

Petition to Stop Minecraft Mob Vote Garners Huge Support

The goal of the petition is to “put an end to the scrapping of great ideas.” Reading the petition’s description, it’s pretty clear that Mob Vote, in general, even though community-engaging, is also kind of harmful. It encourages conflicts, leaves fantastic ideas behind, and teases content we’ll never see in the game. Also, even with the financial help of a massive corporation such as Microsoft, we receive much smaller content updates than years ago.

The petition also states that discontentment with the Mob Vote is not new, as other fan favorites like Moobloom haven’t made it into the game.

So, the question is: will Mojang listen to the community? Will we receive all three amazing cute mobs in Minecraft 1.21? Or is this community effort in vain? What do you think? Have you signed the petition yourself? Tell us in the comment section below!

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  • Mr.Minecraft says:

    Personally I believe all three of the mobs should get added to the game, or maybe do some bring back votes as well. I’m sure many people weren’t happy when they found out the sniffer won. But with the win of the armadillo, people have stopped caring about the vote. What about 2024? What mobs will Mojang force us to fight each other over? In conlusion, I agree that the mob votes should be stopped. Either add none of them, or all of them.

  • Lionel says:

    Please the map vote have to stop. Is ruining the game completely.

  • Pedro says:

    Eu prefiro o tatu por ser fofinho e com suas escamas é possível fazer armaduras de cachorro (I prefer the armadillo because it’s cute and with its scales you can make dog armor)

    • Raymond Rehbein says:


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