How to Get Allay in Minecraft Right Now

Minecraft’s developers are finally on the right track! After years of underwhelming mob votes, a new mob has arrived in Minecraft that’s cute, unique, and brings new gameplay mechanics. Yes, we are talking about the much-anticipated fan mob vote winner, Allay. It is now officially a part of the game, and even with a few bugs, it’s more than ready to follow you on your adventures. All you need to do is follow our tutorial to get Allay before the official release of the Minecraft 1.19 update. But if you are more interested in the dark side of the game, you can try to meet the Warden in Minecraft. Though, it would be best if you took a Potion of Night Vision to survive the literal darkness. With that said, let’s not waste any more time and learn how to meet Allay in Minecraft right now.

Get Allay in Minecraft Before Official Release (March 2022)

For the moment, the new Minecraft 1.19 mob Allay is only available in the Bedrock Edition. So, Java users have to wait a few weeks before they can interact with this cute mob. In this guide, we cover minor details around the Allay before jumping to the meeting process. Use the table below to skip to your desired section.

Requirements to Test Allay Mob in Minecraft

To get Allay in your Minecraft world ahead of the official rollout, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Official Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox Game Pass counts)
  • A Microsoft account connected to Minecraft
  • Minecraft Beta or Minecraft Preview
  • Platform compatible with experimental updates: Xbox, Windows 10/11, Android or iOS/iPadOS

How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Allay is a part of Minecraft Beta and Preview version and later. So, you need to enroll in the Bedrock beta program to get the latest update that brings Allay to the game. For your ease, we already have a dedicated guide explaining how to join Minecraft 1.19 beta. The Beta is only available on XboxWindows 10/ 11, and Android devices (via Google Play). It is also a part of the Xbox Game Pass.

Getting into the beta tests can take up to 24 hours, including the enrollment time. But before you start testing the beta builds, make sure to create a backup of your existing worlds. Android Minecraft users can sync their worlds with other devices to avoid errors.

How to Join Minecraft Preview

If the beta version seems too risky to you, Minecraft also has an alternate route to get Allay in the game right away. You can sign up for the Minecraft Preview app, a standalone version of Minecraft that only receives beta updates. It doesn’t affect your existing worlds in any way. For the moment, players on Xbox, Windows 10/ 11, and iOS devices can join Minecraft Preview using our linked guide.

Create New Experimental World

Now that you have the correct beta or preview version of Minecraft, all you need is a world that can host Allay in this sandbox game. Here’s how to make a new experimental world.

1. To begin, open your Minecraft Preview or Beta app. Then, tap the “Play Beta” button just below the title.

Minecraft Beta Home screen

2. On the next page, choose the “Create New” option under the “Worlds” tab.

Create New world in MC Beta

3. Then, within the game settings on the new world, scroll down until you find the “Wild Update” toggle under the “Experiments” section. Enable the toggle to activate the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update features. Minecraft might warn you about the experimental nature of this feature. Tap on “Activate Experiment” to continue.

Wild update experiments

4. Finally, you are ready to start looking for Allay in your newly created world. But before that, use the “/gamemode creative” command in the chatbox to make your world easier to explore.

creative gamemode in Bedrock Minecraft

How to Find Allay in Minecraft Beta/ Preview

Keeping things simple, you can use a spawn egg to bring Allay to life in Minecraft creative mode. It is available in your creative inventory. You have to move it to your inventory, equip it, and use your secondary key (right-click) on any location to get Allay in Minecraft. You can check out this GIF to understand how this process works:

Allay Spawn Egg in Bedrock Minecraft

But if you want to get Allay the traditional way in Minecraft, as per the developer notes, we can find this cute mob naturally in the following locations – Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts. Let’s go over each of them separately to try out Allay in Minecraft.

Pillager Outposts

Pillager outposts are tower-like structures that are usually located in mountain and desert biomes of a Minecraft world. They are populated by hostile mob Pillagers, which are the nemesis of Minecraft villagers. But our focus is not on the main outpost. Instead, we have to look for cages that spawn around outposts.

Allay in Pillager Outpost

A single outpost can have a maximum of four cages. But there is no minimum spawn count for these cages. Once you find one, there’s a 50-50 chance that the cage is either entrapping an Iron Golem or three Allays. Whatever be the case, you have to break the wooden cage to free the Allay. When you do, the Allay will slowly fly away in the wild unless there’s a dropped item nearby.

Woodland Mansions

Like outposts, mansions are also home to various hostile mobs. The mansions usually spawn in forest biomes with closely placed trees and limited sunlight reaching the forest surface. They are much more dangerous than the outposts, but the reward is also more significant.

Allay in Woodland Mansions

The woodland mansion is divided into several rooms spread across multiple floors. In one of these rooms, usually on the lowest floor, you will find the new mob Allay. They spawn in a vast room that has four smaller cages. Each cage has three Allays. You can use the lever outside the cage to open its door and free them.

Meet Allay Mob in Minecraft Today

Whether you voted for this cute mob in the fan vote or recently discovered it, Allay is here to meet you in Minecraft beta ahead of its official release. It doesn’t discriminate among the players, and as the name suggests, it serves the purpose of being a great friend in your adventure on one of these best Minecraft 1.18 seeds. You can even host a Minecraft server to invite your friends and hold Allay races. But if you plan on exploring the new Minecraft 1.19 features by yourself, don’t forget to meet the frogs too. They aren’t as cute as the Allay but can keep you entertained for a while. 

Not to forget, we know that Allay isn’t everyone’s first choice. So, if you voted for the Copper Golem like my friends, try the best Minecraft mods to bring it to life. While you are at it, don’t forget to try some of the coolest Minecraft skins to even dress up like a Golem. With that said, it’s time for you to make a new friend and meet Allay in your Minecraft beta world. Let us know what you like about this cute mob in the comments section!

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  • Aylah says:

    So… I play on Nintendo switch and I found the frogs but I haven’t looked for the allay yet. I also found the deep dark biome. So some versions of Nintendo Switch do have that update even though it’s not out yet.

  • EmeraldOmega says:

    I did the search, and didn’t get the spawn egg, I also went to a woodland mansion, and also no Allays! I am playing with the beta version truned on, and am playing on Bedrock! (I am playing on the Nintendo Switch!)

    • Udayveer Singh says:

      Hey, EmeraldOmega, unfortunately, the 1.19 Beta is only available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and Android. So, unless you have another device that supports Minecraft Beta or Minecraft Preview, you will have to wait till the official release to meet Allay.

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