Microsoft Is Adding an AI-powered Cowriter to Notepad

AI cocreator feature in Notepad
In Short
  • Microsoft is working to bring AI features to the Notepad app. The new changes have been discovered in the Insider build of Windows 11.
  • The Notepad AI feature is called Cowriter and it will allow you to rewrite content, change the tone, change the format, make paragraphs shorter or longer.
  • The tool is still in the testing phase. Once rolled out, it will have a waiting list and a credit system for usage.

As Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of Windows 12 and AI PCs in 2024, the company is going all-in by adding AI features everywhere. The Redmond giant is now working to bring AI features to Notepad as well. Dubbed “Cowriter,” the AI-powered feature will allow you to rewrite texts, make paragraphs longer, change the tone, and more. It will all be possible inside the Notepad app. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming AI features of the Notepad app.

Cowriter AI is Coming to Notepad

Thanks to PhantomOfEarth (visit) on X (formerly Twitter) who discovered the new Notepad feature, you will be able to rewrite content using AI. The feature is still in the testing phase as Microsoft has just added the placeholder for the Cowriter tool in the latest version of Notepad.

The changes have been discovered in the Insider Preview build of Windows 11 and the Notepad version is 11.2312.17.0.

Keep in mind that installing the said version does not enable the feature automatically. It’s going to possibly be rolled out similar to MS Paint Cocreator with a waiting list. Apparently, there is also a credit limit to use the Cocreator feature in the Notepad app. However, credits will be re-added every few days.

Besides that, there is also an “Explain with Copilot” menu in the context menu, and the Cowriter tool lets you change the format with options such as Paragraph, List, Business, and Academic. While some would find the AI feature in Notepad noteworthy (pun intended), some Windows power users are unhappy with Microsoft’s approach of adding AI tools everywhere.

Recently, Microsoft started calling Edge an “AI Browser” and announced that a new Copilot key is being added to the Windows laptop keyboard. Like it or not, AI is going to be the central theme on Windows 12 going forward. What’s your take on this development? Let us know in the comments section below.

SOURCE PhantomOfEarth (X)
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