Microsoft Removes $1 Game Pass Trial Ahead of Starfield Launch

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Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a popular game subscription service, and it has always seemed to be available for users with great discounts and offers. Now, it appears that Microsoft is terminating any and all welcome offers and will instead be charging gamers the full price of the subscription. Here are the details.

Xbox Game Pass $1 Trial Has Been Terminated

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that lets gamers access thousands of games on Xbox consoles & Windows PCs. Personally, I used to subscribe to Game Pass whenever a highly discounted offer came around. Microsoft is known to offer the Xbox Game Pass at deal prices to both new & old users from time to time.

However, with the upcoming release of Starfield next week, it looks like Microsoft is leveraging the launch of this highly anticipated game to boost its Xbox Game Pass sales. It was previously confirmed that Starfield is coming to Game Pass on Day 1, which has pre-subscribed members quite happy.

Sadly, those gamers who couldn’t grab the Xbox Game Pass trial at the amazing $1 deal price, won’t be able to purchase the subscription at that price. According to a post by @Wario64 on (previously Twitter), it appears that Microsoft has stopped the $1 Xbox Game Pass trial altogether.

So now, subscribing to Xbox Game Pass will cost users $9.99/ month for the PC platform and $10.99/ month for the console platform. The “Ultimate” variant of the subscription costs $16.99/ month. I remember getting the Ultimate subscription for 3 months at a very affordable price, but I suppose those days are long gone.

We don’t know Microsoft’s plans in relation to Xbox Game Pass — Will they offer a discount on the subscription later? Or will we only see these prices in the future? However, if they do it, it doesn’t seem likely for them to stop bundling the subscription with new devices. For example, the ROG Ally comes with 3 months of free Xbox Game Pass.

What are your thoughts on the recent pricing change for the Xbox Game Pass? Will you still buy a subscription to play Starfield? Do let us know in the comments.

SOURCE X/@Wario64
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