Starfield Countdown: Xbox Game Pass & Official Release Time

It would be an understatement to say that the Starfield release has made numerous gamers restless and for justified reasons. The last major Bethesda Game Studios launch (of course, ignoring Fallout 76) was Fallout 4. After that, Starfield is the first major single-player title we are getting from the studio, and it looks highly ambitious. Sci-fi and space exploration have always mesmerized gamers, and Starfield is aiming to deliver a fulfilling experience with more than 1,000 planets. Now, if you’ve bought the game or plan to, you must want to know when you can actually play it. We have created this guide to help you learn about the release date and time for Starfield in your region.

Starfield Release Date & Time (Official Launch)

Like every modern title, Starfield has been rolled out in two phases. People who pre-ordered the Starfield Constellation, Premium, or the Premium Upgrade Edition (for Xbox Game Pass users) were able to play the game earlier, starting September 1, 2023. All other Starfield players will get to play the game on September 5, 2023.

If you have the standard edition or are waiting for Starfield to release on Xbox Game Pass, here are the release dates and times for every major region around the world:

RegionRelease DateRelease Time
Los AngelesSeptember 55 PM PDT
Ciudad De MexicoSeptember 56 PM CST
ChicagoSeptember 57 PM PDT
New YorkSeptember 58 PM EDT
Sao PaoloSeptember 59 PM BRT
LondonSeptember 61 AM CEST
ParisSeptember 62 AM CEST
BerlinSeptember 62 AM CEST
IndiaSeptember 65:30 AM IST
JapanSeptember 69 AM JST
SydneySeptember 610 AM AEST
AucklandSeptember 612 PM NZST

Bethesda has officially shared the timings for the official launch, and we have attached an image to recap the same. If you own the game on Steam, received a Steam key through AMD promotions, or pre-loaded the Xbox Game Pass version, players living in NA, Mexico, and Brazil can start playing from September 5.

starfield release time

Starfield Early Access Countdown Timer

As confirmed by Bethesda, certain regions will gain access to Starfield on September 5, 2023, thanks to the time zone differences. To help you keep track of the game’s release, we have included a Starfield countdown timer to track the release. Starfield Official Release Countdown timer

Can You Preload Starfield Right Now?

As revealed last week, Bethesda has opened Starfield preloads for a few platforms. If you own an Xbox, you can preload the title right now, regardless of what edition you have purchased. If you have a Game Pass subscription on your Windows PC, you can preload Starfield using the Xbox app. Steam users can start preloading the game starting August 31, 2023. We have written a handy guide that details how you can preload Starfield on Xbox, PC, and Steam (when it is available).

Starfield Release Date & Time (Early Access)

[UPDATE | September 1, 2023] – The game launched in early access to good reviews about the gameplay and space exploration, but it’s the slow start and the pacing of Starfield that’s been the talk of the town.

During this time, players will also get access to additional content, like the Shattered Space story expansion pack, constellation skin pack, a digital artbook, and companion soundtrack. Here are the official Starfield early access release timings shared by Bethesda:

RegionRelease DateRelease Time
Los AngelesAugust 315 PM PDT
Ciudad De MexicoAugust 316 PM CST
ChicagoAugust 317 PM PDT
New YorkAugust 318 PM EDT
Sao PaoloAugust 319 PM BRT
LondonSeptember 11 AM CEST
ParisSeptember 12 AM CEST
BerlinSeptember 12 AM CEST
IndiaSeptember 15:30 AM IST
JapanSeptember 19 AM JST
SydneySeptember 110 AM AEST
AucklandSeptember 112 PM NZST
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