Microsoft’s Future Laptops Might Come with Automatic Display Angle Adjustment

Microsoft patent for device with automatic display adjustment

Right before the end of last year, Microsoft had filed a patent for a unique device that could potentially adjust the viewing angle of its display based on the user’s gaze. The US Patent and Trademark Office recently published the patent, and as per reports, Microsoft is currently working on such a device, albeit it is only in its initial stages.

The patent, “Automatic Display Adjustment Based on Viewing Angle”, is pretty self-explanatory and hints at a device that can automatically adjust the angle of its display to provide the best viewing angle for users. The mechanism will take the position of the user’s eyes into account and automatically the angle of the display.

This means that the device will be able to provide users a better media-consumption experience than any other device in the market and can be hugely useful for users, especially for disabled people.

How Does It Work?

The automated mechanism will aid the viewing experience of the users and will be able to monitor changes in the display orientation of the device. So, when there is any change in the display orientation, the system will be able to measure the distance between the display and the user’s eye based on measured data. Then the system will automatically adjust the display to provide a perfect viewing angle for the content the user is watching.

Microsoft patent for device with automatic display adjustment Now, although the patent seems quite unique, apart from this, there are no reports of Microsoft working on such a device. So, if I were you, I’d take this information with a grain of salt as the technology is still in its very initial stages. And it might be pretty long before Microsoft actually comes up with such a device for the consumers.

Nonetheless, it is pretty exciting to see major companies working on such technologies to improve their products and push their competitors to innovate more.

SOURCE Patently Apple
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