Microsoft Patents a Foldable Phone with 360-degree Hinge

This image showcases Microsoft's 2021 Surface Duo 2 device

Back in 2019, when Microsoft unveiled its first ever Android smartphone, that too a foldable one, it got the world excited. The Surface Duo was an exciting device that marked the brand’s re-entry into the smartphone market but failed due to obvious reasons. And the same story continued with the Surface Duo 2. Now, according to recent reports, Microsoft is planning the Surface Duo’s return but with a twist. This time, the company’s goal is to create a “truly foldable smartphone.”

Is This the Next Surface Duo Phone from Microsoft?

As per the patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, Microsoft is working on a device that will employ a 360-degree hinge to bend a flexible OLED display both inwards and outwards. The Silicon Valley giant is describing this tech as the “display frame translation mechanism.”

This is a significant feat for two reasons. First, most foldable smartphones have an inward folding flexible display like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Google Pixel Fold. There is even the recently announced Honor V Purse that has an outward folding display. However, until this date, no single device can do both.

This image represents the latest Microsoft patent with a 360-degree foldable screen
Source: WIPO

Secondly, unlike the previous iterations of the Surface Duo where the two halves included individual AMOLED panels, Microsoft is set to use a continuous flexible OLED display this time around. Using a complex 360-degree cam-based hinge mechanism, the device will substantially “eliminate the tensile stress” exerted. For context, this is the resisting force that will not allow you to bend a regular foldable smartphone outwards without breaking it. But with this implementation, you can use it in both tablet and non-tablet mode using a single expansive flexible screen.

If Microsoft is able to turn this “truly foldable” dream into a reality, this will reinvent the way foldable smartphones operate. If done right, this could be the redemption of the Surface Duo smartphone lineup. Since foldable displays today are made out of plastic with a thin layer of glass above, it will be interesting to see how this device manages to bend the display both ways without damaging it. Would it be similar to rollable display phone concepts? Only time will tell.

That being said, this is a patent that may or may not turn into a real product. However, given Microsoft’s commitment to the smartphone space, the future looks promising. So, what do you think of this new patent from Microsoft? Will you buy a foldable smartphone with a 360-degree hinge? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image: Microsoft Surface Duo 2 (2021)

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  • Jose says:

    I gave up on them. They are too slow on innovation compared to Google, samsung, Motorola and Huawei. Once, the news that they discontinued the duo line, my relationship with them was over. I could have put up with the messy updates and software if they continued to fix it but they dropped the ball. I’m now a proud owner of a fold 5 since the Google fold wasn’t available during the purchase time

    • SuperLuig177 says:

      Not only are they too slow to innovate, they give up too easily and quickly. They leave their fans empty handed with expensive paperweights.

  • SpudGun says:

    “Microsoft’s commitment to the smartphone space” is quite oxymoronic.

    • SuperLuig177 says:

      That is the understatement of the Millenium!

  • Rabis says:

    I’ve been dreaming about a new surface style Duo or Duo 2. So with this news, I just can’t wait and sse!!… Of course, if that device become reality, i will be among those who buy it… My money is waiting for it to be born.
    Thanks for this great and exciting news!

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