Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition Beats iPhone 11 Pro Max in DxOMark Rating

mi cc9 pro premium edition beats iPhone 11 Pro Max camera

Merely a couple of days after Xiaomi’s newest smartphone, the Mi CC9 Pro, topped the DxOMark rating chart, the company has published the much-awaited camera review of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. And well, it does score high and sits among the top 5 phones with the best cameras, but has failed to snatch away the crown from the Mi CC9 Pro.

iPhone 11 Pro Max has scored an outstanding 117 points in DxOMark’s camera review, matching the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It has beaten older flagship phones from earlier this year, including the Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10 lineup, which is great. I, was, however, surprised to see iPhone 11 Pro Max sitting below the Mate 30 Pro and Mi CC9 Pro on the list.

iphone 11 pro cameras

The 117 points score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max can be broken down into a photo score of 124 and a video score of 102. DxOMark mentions that the device is excellent at handling exposure, the photos have good color accuracy, and no autofocus issues were found, but the score is slightly lower due to the okay-ish low-light performance. That too, when you compare the photos to those of Huawei and Xiaomi devices at the top of the list.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, takes a lead in ultra-wide-angle photos, which DxOMark is found saying are better on Apple’s flagship device. The new Deep Fusion technology on iPhone 11 Pro Max has amassed praise for rendering fine details such as freckles, hairs, and more in portrait photography. On the video front, iPhone 11 Pro Max renders colors particularly well and HDR allows it to capture details excellently, but DxOMark says the stabilization on iPhone XS Max was better.

DxOMark started rating the audio quality and performance of smartphones recently and iPhone 11 Pro Max passes with flying numbers. You might think it’s the best, but it isn’t. iPhone 11 Pro scores 71 points, sitting at third place under the iPhone XS Max and the Huawei Mate 20X.

Now, we’ve all seen in-depth camera reviews for the iPhone 11 Pro (be it the larger Max variant or not) and it has shaped up to be the best camera phone of 2019. It even beats the Google Pixel 4, thanks to its versatility and video recording capabilities. However, Mi CC9 Pro (or the Mi Note 10, as it’s known globally) beating the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the esteemed DxOMark camera ranking chart irks me. Do you think it could be justified? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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