Meta Aims to Take on ChatGPT and Bard with Its Own Commercial AI Model: Report

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The AI revolution began with OpenAI launching ChatGPT in December last year. Ever since then, AI is the buzzword that sparks everyone’s interest online these days. With organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Opera, and many more jumping onto the bandwagon, AI is here to stay for good. Now, following the same trajectory, Meta, formerly Facebook, is on track to launch its own commercial AI model. Here are all the details.

Meta Large Language Model To Launch Soon!

As per a Financial Times report, Meta is looking to commercialize its Generative AI Model. that it released earlier this year to select academics and researchers. This means we can expect the social media company to make its own Large Language Model (LLM) live for the general population to experience.

If you can recall, Zuckerberg-led Meta announced its own LLM dubbed LLaMa earlier this year, but it was made available to a select few researchers and academics. Now, with a public rollout, Meta is looking to get on the Generative AI train, joining the ranks of Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI onboard. However, Meta will have a lot of catching up to do.

Meta AI LLaMa

And in order to get a headstart, it seems like Meta will make its upcoming AI Model “open source.” This means that the details of LLaMa will be available for everyone to access and modify. This might prove to be a significant differentiating point since its competitors like OpenAI follow a “closed-source” system where the code is not made available to third parties.

Meta’s Global Affairs Chief Nick Clegg wrote to Financial Times saying, “Openness is the best antidote to the fears surrounding AI. But the move also helps Meta in its attempts to catch up with rivals, as an open model would allow companies of all sizes to improve the technology and build applications on it.”

However, if you think open-source means free, you will be wrong. As per the report, a source inside Meta revealed that Meta is planning to charge enterprises to allow them to modify its AI model to suit their requirements using proprietary data. Although Meta has not officially commented on this, Joelle Pineau, Meta’s Vice President of AI research stated, “At the end of the day, because you release something open source, you don’t completely give up on the intellectual property of that work.”

With that being said, a commercial AI model from Meta will mean that very soon products like Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads, Facebook, and much more will gain AI capabilities. Now, only time can tell if it will benefit you as a user or not. So, what do you think of LLaMa? Do you think it will be able to take on the current AI honchos? What is your stance on AI? Do comment down your thoughts below.

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  • Hugo Close says:

    Personally, I feel like Meta are copycats; first Twitter, now Threads, and now, after everyone has released an AI, Meta jumps on the bandwagon and copies it AGAIN.

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