How to Create a Vegetable Garden in Manor Lords

In Short
  • The Vegetable Garden isn't a separate structure but part of a burgage in Manor Lords.
  • To build yourself a vegetable garden, build a Brugage with a backyard.
  • Then, select the Burgage, click on the cog drop-down, and pay 15 gold to create a vegetable garden.

Besides managing your settlements and increasing the approval rating, Vegetable Gardens are one of the most important aspects of Manor Lords. Unfortunately, you won’t find the option to build one from the build menu. Instead, the vegetable garden is tied to another feature in the game. To avoid such confusion, keep reading as I show you how to build a vegetable garden in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords Vegetable Garden Location

While you would think the vegetable garden would be under the farming build option, you’d be wrong. The vegetable farm doesn’t exist in-game as a separate build structure. Instead, vegetable farms in Manor Lords are tied to the houses you build in your village. These farms depend on how large of a backyard the burgage has. The bigger the backyard, the better the chances of creating a vegetable farm.

How to Build a Vegetable Garden in Manor Lords

Now that you know where to find a vegetable farm, let’s look at how to build one. The process is simple enough and depends on how many wood resources you have, which should be plenty if you’ve gone through the best tips and tricks for the game. With that, follow the steps below:

  • Open your build menu, and under Housing, select the option to make a Burgage Plot.
  • Check the best area to place the plot. Ensure it is wide and long. If you get the symbol of a shade with a hammer, your plot will have a backyard.
  • Once satisfied with the size, confirm and build your Burgage.
  • When you select Burgage, a drop-down menu with a cog and hammer symbol will appear. Click on it to view the available backyard extensions.
  • Select the Vegetable Garden extension for 15 gold.
  • Build a Burgage Plot to get yourself a vegetable garden in Manor Lords
  • Ensure while building your Burgage that you get the marked section on the plot to build a vegetable garden in Manor Lords
  • Click the cog-wheel drop-down to get the optiosn to build the garden once a burgage is built
  • Select the option to build a vegetable garden in Manor Lords
  • A House with a built-in garden

Once done, your Manor Lords Burgage will start producing vegetables. The household will then set up a shop at the market and start selling the produced vegetables at the marketplace.

That is how you make a vegetable garden in Manor Lords. We hope your settlement families will have plenty of food now. So, were you able to make all the vegetables you needed? Let us know in the comments below!

Should I build as much housing as possible to increase vegetable farm production?

No. Remember, housing rules still apply while building a vegetable farm. This means only building as many houses as needed. If you build too many houses, you might have a problem keeping up with the housing demands, which could result in revolt and villagers leaving.

Should I build one big Burgage for the vegetable farm?

Build two or three Burgages with longer backyards to facilitate multiple vegetable gardens. That way, you’ll have a higher yield and output of vegetables in your village.

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