How to Manage Local Network Access of Apps in iOS 14

When it comes to security and privacy, Apple has always been a trendsetter. Be it the robust Activation Lock or the USB Restricted Mode, the Cupertino-based company has always set an example for the rest to follow. And with iOS 14, the tech giant has taken its well-known obsession for robust privacy to another level by introducing several top-of-the-line features including “Local Network access restriction”. Unlike before, apps must ask permission to find and connect with devices on the local network. Further, iPhone users can manage local network access of apps in iOS 14 for better control.

Manage Local Network Access of Apps on iPhone

For those uninitiated, Local network privacy is designed to offer enhanced transparency when apps connect to devices on your home network. If an app interacts with devices using Bonjour or any other local networking protocols, the developer of that app must add support for local network privacy permissions in the latest iteration of iOS.

Now that you know what this all-new privacy feature is, let’s dive right in to learn how you can allow/disallow apps from having access to your home network!

Allow/Disallow Apps from Having Access to Your Local Network

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone running iOS 14.

Open Settings app on your iPhone

2. Now, tap on Privacy.

Choose Privacy

3. Next, tap on Local Network.

Select Local Network

4. On the next screen, you should see the list of all the apps that have requested permission to find and communicate on your local network.

Manage local network apps on iOS 14

If you want to disallow any app from having access to your local network, simply turn off the switch located right next to it.

If you ever happen to change your mind and wish to allow the app to get access to your local network, all you need to do is return to this very screen and then turn on the switch.

Take Control of Apps That Have Access to Your Home Network

Indeed, iOS 14 has decimated Android when it comes to security and privacy. Though Android has been playing a pretty good catch-up game thanks to the vast improvements in several departments including privacy, Apple’s offering is miles ahead. And with the latest version of iOS ticking off all the important boxes with the inclusion of features like Home screen widgets, App Library, and of course the super handy Back Tap custom control, the gap seems too large to be filled anytime soon.

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  • Ed Gradinger says:

    this was no help to my problem where my Ipone is syncing but my Ipad is not using Ventura 13.4.1. They all have the same email addresses and are using the same IP address.

  • Николай Филипов says:

    Guys, please note this applies to latest iOS/iPadOS 15.x too.
    Dear article author, could you edit the article to reflect that info? 🙂

    • Николай Филипов says:

      Guys, please could you add this? –>
      Please note this applies to latest iOS/iPadOS 15.x too.
      Dear article author, could you edit the article to reflect that info? 🙂

  • Simon says:

    Is forced restart something different from switching off the iOS device and switching it on again?

  • Francois Labelle says:

    I’m able to sink my Chromecast ultra to my iPhone, but the connection fails at the end of the setting up session where I’m asked to try youtube on Chromecast. At this point, I select the Chromecast icon and nothing happen, iPhone cant connect to Chromecast!! It’s the same thing with my MacBook Pro and 12.9 3rd gen Ipad!! Icon present on all 3 but unresponsive when activated, showing “no devices found” I reprogrammed Chromecast 6 times in a row, with successful programming with TV, wifi, TV code, until the end where I realize the connection failed to connect…When I google “Chromecast not working” I get 14 million entry! “Chromecast not showing up” gets 56 million! must be one of the worst software failure ever!!

  • Mollid says:

    although I have all my network permissions turned on, they are still not listed when I try to show photos or utube. Any ideas? iPad IOS 14.


    I am trying to connect my iphone xr with chromecast through youtubetv and I got a message that wanted me to check to make sure that I have enabled local network access in my iphone’s privacy settings. I checked and it looked fine so I seem to be stuck.

  • Craig says:

    My iPad 6 with iOS 14 won’t allow Facebook videos to chromecast. Doesn’t ask me and when o go to setting, Local Network doesn’t show up in app

  • Kholoud Radwan says:

    I want to make this feature with Safari as safari didn’t ask for my permission and I can’t see it in the list so how can I benefit from this feature on safari?

    • Dania says:

      I cannot find the app i need on the list of my local network. how can i add it to the list, can you help please?

      • Rajesh Mishra says:

        The apps will show up automatically once they have got the access to your local network.

  • Louie says:

    Hi my iPhone doesn’t have Local Network in my iOS 14 privacy list. Yet my Sonos system and FLIR Camera App stopped functioning right after the update. Help!

    • Rajesh Mishra says:

      Force restart your device as it might be due to a glitch.

      • Amy says:

        I have same issue, have restarted my phone three times and the Local Network Privacy option is not there at all, and even if I do a search on my phone it shows as not found. Help?

  • Nate says:

    Hi what about WhatsApp, since installing 14.01 I cant call or receive calls even though Local network is on.

    • Rajesh Mishra says:

      Force restart your device to see if that sorts out this weird issue.

  • Ctd says:

    The Facebook screen to okay access for Apple appears but I cannot scroll down to select okay. Now what?

  • Estelle Seymour says:

    It doesn’t appear in my list even after I’ve tried to play a fb video

  • John Livermore says:

    What happens if Facebook doesn’t appear in the list. How do I get Facebook to ask for access?

    • Rajesh Mishra says:

      Whenever Facebook needs to have access to your local network, it will ask for it automatically. Then, you can allow/disallow it based on your need.

      • Cheryl Barton says:

        I cannot scroll down on the screen to allow access. Any suggestions?

      • Rajesh Mishra says:

        Give a force restart on your device and try again.

      • Cheryl Barton says:

        I see the top portion of the screen in Facebook, however I cannot scroll down on the screen to allow access, nor is it listed in the local access in the privacy settings. Any suggestions?

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