Makoto Shinkai Film Festival Announced in India

Makoto Shinkai Film Festival in India

With the release of anime films like Suzume, Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village, etc., Indian anime fans have been given a truly wonderful treat recently. Now that PVR Cinemas is organizing a Makoto Shinkai film festival across India, we are in for yet another huge gift. We were thrilled to get the opportunity to watch the just-released Suzume movie on the big screen (read our Suzume Review here), and now, we can enjoy all of Makoto Shinkai’s magical films on the big screen. Keep reading to find out more about the film festival and the movies that will be showcased in India.

Witness the Magic of Makoto Shinkai Films in Theaters

The official Twitter handle of PVR Cinemas recently announced that they are super excited to present us with the “Makoto Shinkai Film Festival” in India. They have collaborated with the Japanese Film Festival and CoMix Wave Films to make this film festival a reality. Thus, the most popular hits of Makoto Shinkai will be screened in PVR & Inox cinemas all over India from 19th May.

Furthermore, the Makoto Shinkai film festival in India will include the following movies:

Makoto Shinkai Film Festival (Japanese With English Subtitles)
Your Name (2016)
5 Centimeters per Second (2007)
Weathering With You (2019)
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)
Suzume (2022)

Note: As expected, all the masterpieces of Makoto Shinkai are being released with the exception of Garden of Words (2013). They must have excluded it since the movie has a shorter run time of just 45 minutes.

Makoto Shinkai Film Festival: Ticket Booking in India

As of now, PVR Cinemas has just announced the film festival and the bookings haven’t opened yet. Furthermore, the cities that will get the screening during the film festival haven’t been confirmed too. The theatre confirmation and bookings will be opened shortly, so keep your eye peeled. We will update this article with booking links to help you secure the tickets faster. With that said, are you excited to experience the beauty of Makoto Shinkai films once again? Tell us which movie you plan to watch in the comments below.

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  • Avika says:

    Where to book tickets ??

    • Vriしん says:

      It’s not yet opened, it’ll soon be displayed on book myshow

  • Taki says:

    Woaah I mean I’ve seen your name like 7 times already but I still wanna watch it on the big screen again
    Hope it screens here too…

  • Vriしん says:

    Im really looking forward to rewatch your name and weathering with you on the big screen, hopefully chennai is included

  • 4dx not worth says:

    I hope pvr will screen these movie in 2d not in 4dx

  • Jay says:

    I was hoping to watch garden of words but since it’s not gonna be there 🥲 I guess I’ll go for tenki no ko as I’ve already seen Kimi no nawa but gotta lookout for if they’re gonna be releasing it in my state or not 🤞🤞

    • Trenon says:

      Personally I didn’t really like Garden of words. And imma re-watch Your Name and I bet it will still be lit

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