Montag is a New Magazine Written Entirely by AI

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Artificial Intelligence is taking over a lot of fields by providing valid contributions and enhancing the solutions we already have for well-known pre-established problems. The field where AI didn’t quite conquer is creative writing and journalism. Well, at least till I came across Montag.

Montag is a magazine that is written by AI. Yes, you read that right. The AI comes from a Berlin-based startup, Grover. There is a dedicated website for the magazine registered as They also have on which new stories are published every Monday.

The contents for the articles are scraped from the internet using shell scripts and Python scripts. The scraped text then goes through a neural network which produces the output in around an hour and 15 minutes. If you’re interested to know the behind the scenes details regarding how this is done, check out the Medium article here written by Kathryn Lawrence, who is also the co-founder of Montag Magazine.

However, the AI has not learned to press the Publish button by itself yet. Ms.Lawrence is taking care of the same. Check out this conclusion of an article published in the magazine titled “Can you be too happy? And other ridiculous questions posed by humans in the search of “true” happiness” below:

“Truthfully, it is clear that for long-term growth the oyster-shell of your life needs a bit of grit so that a pearl of happiness develops. However, if you’re looking for a #HappinessLifehack, it’s probably worth aiming for extreme happiness and missing, rather than erring on the side of caution and introducing the painful bits deliberately.

Life is pretty good at taking happiness away without inquiring whether it’s OK with you first. And maybe that’s the best world-view from both a personal and – gasp – fiscal perspective. Endlessly searching the gaping void that is the internet for hacks, tricks and workarounds is probably low ROI when you could just accept that any level of happiness is a fine place to be.

Because happiness is, as even capitalist tome The Economist points out, a pretty good problem to have.”

To be honest, I would have totally believed that this was written by a human if I had casually visited the website and it shows how far AI has come in reproducing content. Does that mean journalists would be replaced by AI soon? Nope, since AI can’t offer opinions and perspectives, at least not yet.

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