We often come across look a likes of celebrities, politicians and we enjoy seeing them. We are adding a little to it, here are pics of look a likes of  Silicon Valley Legends.

Doppelgangers exists everywhere, even you or I might have a look a like in some country we have never been to or we might not meet ever, but there’s always a possibility of having a look alike.

See the pics below and share the post, if you enjoy.

Mark Zuckerberg Look Alike
Steve Jobs Look Alike
Bill Gates Look Alike
Jimmy Wales Look Alike

If you also want to find your own look alike, you can give it a try here.


Google In The Year 2084 (Comic)

The Real Use of Google (Comic)


  1. Who are some of the best doppelgängers in the world?…

    i have pictures of some really cool web celebrity look a likes, which i have embedded in my blog post which i wrote a year ago. Here are the pics, one more picture is there, of Jimmy Wales, See him in the post here, http://beebom.com/2012/03/look-a