10 Things That Make Indians Extremely Happy

10 Things That Make Indians Extremely Happy

This post has been taken from a discussion on Quora. There are two reasons for sharing this post here with you. First, It is extremely hilarious. Second and the important one is that It proves the point that no matter how diverse we Indians are, when it comes to the basics we are all the same. It is the same little things that make Indians happy.

Let’s find out what are the 10 things that make Indians happy!

1. Getting 5 Rupees note in a good condition.

Indian 5 rupees note

2. A Cup of hot ‘Chai’ in the morning.


3. Rain.


4. Free ka Dhaniya, Lemon and Mirchi.

buying vegetable

5. Successfully booking a Tatkal ticket.

tatkal ticket booking

6. A Window Seat in Bus or Train.

window seat

7. Change.


8. When someone shouts, ‘Light Aa Gayi’.


9. Medals in Olympics.


10. Last but not the least, THIS!

empty trains

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