The Fault in Our Stars

Hollywood Posters Made To Look Funny With Existing Real Life Surroundings

Hollywood movies have always caught the imagination of the world. They’re ruling the world; be it either with their content, action or to put it simply, their execution.

But, just imagine a scenario where the same Hollywood movies are made to look like hapless chickens in the field (take it with humour!). More like a situation that makes the laughing muscle tickle in your belly.

A Malaysian graphic designer, Jaemy Choong merges passport sized posters of famous Hollywood movies and places them at odd places of the “models” he has. They are hilarious but kudos to the creativity so done Mr. Choong.

Here are the photos that are rest assured to keep you in a good mood till the end.


The Terminator



40 Years Old Virgin

The Shining

The Fault in Our Stars




Captain America

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